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All Hell is Breaking Loose in Iran

The Daily Dish (Andrew Sullivan) is tracking the events starting with this post. I got a sense of what is going on from his posts, and you can too if you want, before the corporate news delivers their milquetoast spin. It's not pretty, or safe. The chant you hear repeated in this clip translates to “I will kill, I will kill, those who kill my brother!”. The Green Revolution protestors seem to be organized, and to be obstructing both security forces and the Baseej militia. There are indications that the rebellion strives to remain non-violent. Some police are refusing orders to fire on the protestors. But still the bloodshed is increasing. It appears that Mousavi may have been martyred. The videos reveal that no matter how awful the violence becomes, the people are determined to document their situation and reveal the barbarism to the world. The internet is changing things. Back in 1979 there was no such information transfer. Ashura (the holiday) has a theme of resistants to tyranny to the last drop of blood, and it seems to be a driving force in the timing of this rebellion.

If the link above, to the beginning of the Daily Dish coverage of this event, has failed to work, try this one:
Tags: history, iran, islam, middle east, revolution, violence

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