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Awareness of Naturopathy and Homeopathy in Tennessee

In a week-long visit to my home state of TN I observed that people in general are much more familiar with the word homeopathy than they are with naturopathy. A majority of people in TN would hear me say naturopathy and immediately believe that what I am studying is homeopathy. The majority of them have no idea what naturopathy. They certainly don't get it that homeopathy is a small fraction of a naturopathic doctorate. Many people have the idea that homeopathy is bunk, but they don't know how it is supposed to work, or why it is bunk. When I explained my views to one intelligent friend (Sam), he expressed some relief that my take reflected his long impression. I told him that I was thinking about writing a book about it, and he called me back later to tell me to take notes. He had once wanted to write an expose but found that he could not remember enough to pull together an excellent book. He wished he'd taken better notes. Hence, I am taking notes. I am a student of naturopathy. I would wager that if you polled Americans in all 50 states, at least 50% more would have heard of homeopathy than naturopathy. More than that in the south. And probably half of those have some idea that homeopathy is bogus, which contributes to the negative stigma attached to my profession of choice. This is a marketing challenge if I ever did see one. I think I may have to write the book, just to give nature cure a chance in the intelligent person's thinking.
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