liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

The Cat Chronicles: The Third Rat

I think I told you about the first rat, it was the big one that she brought in the window at high speed then dropped it where it would run across my feet before I knew what it was. The second one I didn't write about, but it was medium sized. I discovered it when coming out of the shower--the cat had it cornered on top of the wicker rocker. I shook it off the rocker and it got away from both me and the cat. It ended up in my bedroom, wedged between the boxsprings (on the floor) and the wall. When I chased it out with a stick, it ran into the slot at the other end of the bed. Finally I chased it out, the cat tormented it into a more accessible corner, and I caught it in a yogurt cup. I then walk out to my second story porch and hurl the rat from the cup, all the way into the next yard.

The third rat was another surprise. Maybe I'll get used to them but so far they all make me scream. I didn't know I was such a girl. This time I had gone for a walk, and I came back in from the walk eager to use the toilet. I walk into the bathroom ready to sit down, and there's a rat swimming in the toilet bowl. I can't stop my expression of surprise. I get a yogurt container from the kitchen and reach into the toilet bowl to scoop the rat up, and it grabs at the lid and tries to climb up my hand and out of the bowl. Aggressive rodent, wants to live. He's not quite big enough to reach across the bowl and stand up. I finally manage to trap it in the yogurt container and fling it from the porch, covered in poopwater. It's cold and windy out there, too. I'm sure that being cold and stinky wet but free is better than trapped in an apartment with a hellacious predatorial kitten.
Tags: cats, city, predators, shakti, wildlife

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