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New Oregon Boater Requirement: Invasive Species Permit

Aquatic Invasive Species Boating Permit
in 2010 paddlers will be required to have one for boats over 10 feet in length

one permit per paddler (not per boat)
at least one paddler I know bought two so he'd have one for visitors
permits are $5 plus $2 handling per permit
purchase wherever fishing and hunting licenses are sold
or buy online for another $2
For more information, see:
TO BUY: You'll need your social security card, driver's license and credit card
they ask for your hunter/angler ID#: if you don't have one, scroll down and select new customer to get one

(Dec 23 edit)
The new law can be found here:

The regulations adopted by the Marine Board can be found here:

I'm hearing some discussion among the LCCC paddlers that maybe a boater with a raft can buy enough permits to cover all on board and the name on the permit won't matter.
Tags: big brother, boats, ecology, fishing, invasive species, oregon, river, whitewater

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