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High Impact Exercise Reduces Stroke Risk
From Medscape Medical News article by Allison Gandey
November 24, 2009

reg workouts protect vs ischemic stroke
intensity matters: high intensity quite protective
effect independent of the improvement exercise has on hypertension, diabetes, or dyslipidemia
ex: racket sports or swimming
Joshua Willey, MD, Columbia U. in NY
40.5% of study sample pts were physically inactive (this finding surprised researchers)
n = over 3000 people from the Northern Manhattan Study
20% report reg participation in mod-to-high-intensity activities
average age of the study sample was 69 years
participants followed ~ 9 years
238 strokes in that time
results in 11/24 issue of Neurology
other studies have found that even light exercise reduce stroke risk
Nurses' Health Study, Women's Health Initiative Observational Study, mild-intensity (walking) was beneficial but only in women ??
Neurology. 2009;73:1774-1779.
Tags: cardiovascular, exercise, fitness, nervous system, science, sports, stroke, walking

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