liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,


I am grateful for

-my family and friends, though they mostly be far away
-the gifts of a recent visitor which I have been able to share with many others
-my physical health and strength
-my feline companion, her rich soft fur and snuggly purrrr
-a warm and comfortable homespace on a cold and rainy day
-the wealth to purchase ingredients and bake masses of pecan pies
-the education I am gaining
-the opportunity to help people who are sick or in pain
-an invite to a grandmother's house for Thanksgiving day feast
-good books to read
-the world at my fingertips via internet
-that I have lived in a time of plenty
-the perspective that while our national and global situations are trending toward the unthinkable, we are but a speck in existence and the glory of the universe will go on no matter what we do to ourselves
Tags: gratitude, holidays

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