liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

What is Happening to America

This video is over 2 hours long and starts with a bunch of sound effects and histrionics--but soon does settle down into some more rational reporting on what is happening in the world, and in America. I'm sorry to say that much as I adore Obama on some levels, he is failing us. His policies in finance are no different from those of Shrub, and we are headed just as quickly in the same direction--toward world dictatorship by the corporations, for the corporations. It may not seem to matter much, and during this generation indeed it does not, since we are still fat and comfortable. Future generations will wonder why we did not stop it. Perhaps it is already too late. I don't know. I just watch in horror.
Tags: america, corporations, corruption, currency, finance, obama, politics, revolution, the long emergency

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