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It's Time To Have an Opinion on Healthcare

To Americans: Have you been following the debate? Do you know where you stand? Have you communicated your opinion to your representatives? If the answer to any of these is no, it is time to get on the ball. This matters. Congress is being influenced more by insurance companies and pharmaceuticals than they are by regular people. Even if you are no expert, you must have some basic values that you apply to the question of healthcare. If congress is supposed to represent us, we need to let them know what we believe. We have got to get more people to have an opinion and say so, including ourselves if we're not used to doing it. If we don't, our nation is headed into the deepest fascism. If you have children, or care about the young ones of others, this legislation matters even more.

Now you may think that I am a Republican. I am currently registered as one. I have been registered as Democrat and Independent too, and as far as I can tell it makes little difference what label is applied. You certainly won't be correct if you align me with Palin or Limbaugh. The neocons would label me a socialist. I support single payer healthcare for the US. My positions are not based in belief in anyone's platform, but in my own synthesis understanding of what would be most helpful to us as a nation and a people relative to where we currently stand. The labels don't apply to me because I would like us to take tools from different toolkits depending on the situation and the time. I want us as a people to be flexible enough in our thinking to avoid suicide. But right now we're headed down a dangerous path. Together.

Behind the cut is information from The Pen, which is mainly Dem in slant but often independent and insightful. This time they are working to support an option by which states can put together their own single-payer systems, and opt out of the federal plan of mandated insurance. It sounds reasonable to me. There's some info in here about how to make noise about what you believe---even if you don't agree with The Pen, or with me. I hope that you will get involved. We need you. All the people of America need you.

We Must Speak Out Louder Than Ever For A State Single Payer Option

Now that a filibuster in the Senate is no longer an issue, for better
or worse, some kind of health care bill is likely to pass and be
signed into law. And the worse is awful downright bad, threatening to
force us to become customers of corporate medical insurance, with no
meaningful alternative. And that is why the fight to protect the
right of states to deploy their own single payer systems is more
critical than ever.

Marcy Winograd is standing strong on this issue and has her own
action page you can submit to make your voice heard on this right

State Single Payer Action:

And Marcy has a new TV ad you can see on this page, that she is
working to get on the air right now.

State Single Payer Video:

Here is what Marcy Winograd herself has to say on the issue.

"Regardless of what Congress passes in the way of health insurance
reform, states should have the right to to set up a publicly-funded
privately-delivered health care system, without interference from
health insurance companies that do not provide any health care.

Unfortunately Congress has yet to include the Kucinich amendment,
which PASSED in its own committee by an overwhelming 27-12 margin,
and which protects states' rights to enact single-payer, into the
health insurance reform bill.

This is wrong.

There is also a similar amendment being sponsored by Senator Sanders
as well. We must have an amendment in the final bill that gives
states the freedom to choose single-payer, the most efficient and
economical health care plan of all."

So please submit Marcy's action page above, and also consider making
a contribution to this brave progressive candidate, who is working so
hard to replace Jane Harman in CA-36, and came close to doing so one
time already. Because whatever you can contribute will help Marcy to
get this new TV ad on this issue on the air in her district.

If you can make a contribution to get this ad on the air in Marcy's
district, where we have a real chance to get a true progressive into
Congress, this will be one of the most critical fights in the next
upcoming election cycle. But even if you can't make a contribution
right now, please submit Marcy's action page to demand an amendment
for a state single payer option.

State Single Payer Video:

And here is the one click Facebook page for this same fax action.

Single Payer Amendments Action:

And the Twitter reply to send, to send this message to all your
members of Congress that way, is

@cxs #p1018

Paid for by Winograd for Congress

Please take action NOW, so we can win all victories that are supposed
to be ours, and forward this alert as widely as possible.

If you would like to get alerts like these, you can do so at
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