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Homeopathic remedy: Kali carbonicum

kali family of remedies, this is the leader of the pack

people that need control
conservative, can;t cut lose
difficult remedy, easily overlooked, but polychrest
often prescribed on keynotes only

**anxiety felt in stomach
fear loosing control
duty bound, adherent to rule, do it properly, keeps their word
stoic, closed, rigid
mb optimistic
family oriented
fear of impending dz, ghosts, alone, dark
**2am/pm agg
opinionated, no one else can do it right, critical
possessive, hoarding, attached
"argues with his bread and butter"

"desires company yet treats them outrageously"
not the most pleasant: irritable

esp for aged, fleshy people
inclined to obesity
**puffy, water retentive
dry hair skin eyes low urine not much sweat but also all opposites in repertory
lots of weeping
liver, kidneys, lung, hormones, menses
*LBP, agg by menses

**2am-4am agg
wandering pains
rheumatism, rigid personality and joints
averse touch, tickle
chilly worse cold
worse at beginning of sleep
profuse discharges, sweats easily, bloats easily, night sweats
dreams of water, water theme
wet cold drafts agg, better warmth
sex agg
pain quality any kind but stitching, sharp, quick, darting most typical
**baglike swelling in upper eyelid or anywhere

severe arthritis, sciatica
kidney stones
frequent colds, sinus infx, coughs, asthma*, pnemonia
**has to sit up, lean forward to breathe
gassy, constipated, painful hemorrhoids
inefficient labor pains
violent backache
palpitations, arrhythmias
big hormonal remedy: hot flashes
stomach and liver
**sudden shock in solar plexus
nausea from motion or anger

physical misalignment
*never well since giving birth/preg/miscarriage/abort/hysterectomy
overstrain back, uterus, pelvis, MVA
R sided sciatic pain

worse before menses
women with terrible mood swings, moods-changing, contrary, capricious
**uterine pain extending down thighs
constip before menses
uterine displacement, fibroids, cysts, all manner of uterine complaints

*sensation that back, hips, knees might give out
back pain relieved by lying on hard surface or on book
better sitting bent fwd
oversensitive to noise, touch, pain
soles of feet hypersensitive

irritable, quarrelsome
worse on waking
fear: alone, health, dz, death, ghost
Tags: homeopathy, nd3

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