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Herbs for Inflammation and Pain (Palliative)

toxic/low dose/last resort before pharmaceutical pain management
usu for neuralgias
pains in highly innervated areas
rib cage, pleuritis, nephritis, cystitis
not top herb for any of these
more for difficult conditions: IC, weaning from steroids
homeopathic indic for early infx, fever, restlessness, systemic infx
10drops/4oz then tsp doses

for BVs, congestive pain, ureteral spasm, renal colic
reduces edema in ureters
general anti-inflam
with chronic vascular congestion, throbbing, oft worse pressure
portal congestion, liver CA, liver fail
abdominal tumors, mets, pancreatic CA
use internally in tincture/tea or topically (sitz, wrap, oil)
part used: powdered nut, goes rancid quickly, powder at last minute to use

for renal colic, ureters spastic
combine with kava (piper methysticum)
for bronchoconstrxn, wheezing, asthma
combine with lobelia, ephedra, anise, fennel

pineapple, bromelain
not available as tincture, buy purified bromelain
lots of pills and capsules out there
for trauma, bursitis, myositis, tendonitis, musculoskel pain
for clots, anti-plt-agg
for musculoskeletal pain
juice fresh has anti-inflam effects, digestive aid, has high sugar content
proteases can dissolve pinworms and other intestinal parasites
eat fresh pineapple every day for worms
also whole sunflower seeds with shells too, slices up worms
she sees no signs of dysbiosis resulting

pastel, lavendar, red wine flower, yellow center, anemone like fuzzy leaves
when rain or wind hits it, it folds underneath, gradually opens when undisturbed
for deep gonadal pain, testicular, orchitis, ovaries, cysts, PID
anodyne, nervine
for anxiety, restlessness
can irritate oral cavity if used continuously and undiluted
aka the wind flower
homeopathic indications: changeable

high in volatile oils: apiol
fennel/umbel family has affinity for hollow tubes and organs
for intestinal spasm, bronchial spasm
pain relieving effect
stalk of celery not work, use seeds in tincture, very aromatic
can buy EOs of celery seed, fennel, lavendar
can use apium as sub for fennel
also has affinity for kidneys
diuretic, used in HTN formulas, also used for hyperglycemia but not sure why
facilitates release of uric acid
parsley does it too
celery seed in tea, juice for gout, stones, poor quality urine
topical over kidneys, rub into flank for renal colic
bronchodilating chest rub
can buy seeds by the pain, esp for gout

mainly for musculoskeletal spasm
formerly used for intestinal spasm but not anymore
used as bath or topical where it grows abundantly, for torticollis, MVA
dark shiny berry

not as toxic as others on toxic list
white petals 5
indic for visceral and pleural membrane inflam worse motion
for headache worse motion

heat sensation is activation of bare nerve endings, flooding of substance P
substance P involved with sensory nerve transmission
heat sensation overrides other pain
takes an hour for body to recycle substance P
body releases all the substance P then can't release more
another approach: icy-hot sensations: mint, etc, overrides pain too
can fry nerve endings, devitalize sensory nerve endings, don't use constantly
limit to 3-4x/day

blue cohosh
discussed in hormonal section
for menstrual cramps, aching in lower body
pelvic stagnation, varicose veins
cyclical nature, flare before menses
blue berry

ACTEA is new and old genus name
popular for PMS, menopause, can dose all month long, PCOS, amenorrhea
dopaminergic effects
black cohosh
for nervous sys: anxiety, depression
for musculoskeletal tight tense cramping pains, spastic
for fibromyalgia, stress, RA, panic attacks, anxiety
some reports of liver toxicity, still sorting out how much of a concern this is
many women are taking it, not much reported, may be coincidental/idiosyncratic
follow the literature on this
alkaloids are present in this plant, may cause liver probs
also contains salicylates, anti-inflam
flavonoids: cimicifugin, anti-inflam
affinity for tendons, muscles, tightness
combines with kava for fibromyalgia, removes kava after a little while
equal parts in tincture
dosing hourly, see in 2 weeks and ramp down kava, also use exercise, massage
can combine with valerian, lobelia or other nervine/antispasmodics
also isoflavones which are estrogen agonists, tissue specific
human clinical trials in progress, looking at relief of sx in menopause
compared with premarin, followup with EMBx to see how proliferative it is
trials on bone density too, comparing with phosomax, soy, etc
seems to build bone
folklore: for cramping pains
homeopathic: for tension headaches, tight trapezius

same family as ginger
part used: root
all purpose anti-inflam
anti-infx, anti-ox, anti-ca
affinity for all tissues
inhibits PLT agg
limits cellular inflam response
products often couple with bromelain, this is ayurvedic combo
pro-trauma by progena has cal/mag, curcuma, bromelain, presidia
often in anti-ox formulas with vit c, beta carotene, zinc, resveratrol
cancer pts, allergic distress, bowel pain, resp inflam
stains skin and clothing so not often used topically
can buy fresh root at new seasons and coop sometimes

wild yam
skewed reputation, used in prog creams, but good for much more
diosgenin = steroidal saponin, can be changed into a prog
most steroidal saponins for adrenal and immune tonics
for weakness, fatigue, poor stress tolerance
excellent for bowel spasm, around umbilicus, twisting/boring, better legs to chest
for colic in infants
for spasms in hollow organs, biliary colic
mix with black radish (hard to find but great for gall spasm)
only 1 co makes black radish product: standard process, spanish black radish
mix with curcuma, mint for biliary colic
lobelia and fennel better for resp spasm

yellow flower
very poisonous, 1-5 drops in whole tincture bottle
only use after other remedies fail, last ditch before surgery etc
for nervous system overexcitability
for convulsions, meningeal inflammation
St JW also for head trauma
gotu kola (centella asiatica) protects brain after toxins/trauma
reputation for helping spinal irrit, tailbone injury, whiplash, twitching, restlessness
tics, tremors, fever, flushing, restlessness
too much-->dull, dumb, droopy (homeopathic indic)

for ulcerative pains, UC, Crohn's, gastric & duodenal
cold sores, mucus memb disruptions dt lupus, food allergies, apthous ulcers
braces-->mouth sores
solid extract mixed with melissa or zinc
for viral lesions
shingles: mix with St JW
use spray bottle to put topical on sore area
mix with aloe vera gel to spray or apply with cloth or as poultice

intestinal antispasmodic
promotes parasympathetic tone, diminishes sympathetic
for stress causing GI dysfx, ulcers
sedative, for sleep
in some nervine insomnia formulas
bitter taste, not good for all with IBS causes more bile flow
may cause diarrhea
good for hypochlorhydria
combine with chamomile or mint for gas/bloat, crampy pains
lupulin in crevaces of strobile flowers
tiny family: Cannabinaceae, cannabis has THC
lupulin and THC both effect limbic system, dopamine
hops in beer contributes to addictive quality of beer
many addictive substances ramp up dopamine pathways (cocaine, amphetamines, alc, etc)
use in tea for meth addicts, maybe also St JW (nervine, dopaminergic)
could use black cohosh for dopaminergic action but she hasn't seen this done
it is also nervine
alcohol rehab-->DTs, black cohosh decreases tics and spasms, might help DTs
lemon balm "gladdening herb" also dopaminergic
hops available as tincture or tea
chemical overlap with valerian, forms spontaneous valpotriates "dirty sock" smell

esp for neuralgic pains
for acute neuralgia, lancinating zingy pain
spinal injury
herpes lesions, virus, cold sores, genital sores
tailbone, head trauma, spinal irritation
topical for sprains, bruises, highly innervated joints (wrists, elbows, neck, ankles)
available as oil
harvest just before flower opens, flower bud stains fingers burgundy red
blend it up in olive oil

assymmetrical dark pink flower looks like pink fly sitting on pink 3 petal landing pad
for bronchoconstriction, asthma, wheezing
tincture frequent dosing
somewhat nauseating, mb emetic in large doses
mix with something easy on stomach: mint, chamomile, mucilage if pushing dose
combine with antimicrobials if infx
if allergic phenomena: tanacetum (feverfew), curcuma, anti-ox like quercetin
topical usage: for asthma, soak cloth in hot lobelia tea and put on chest
vinegar extracts alkaloids better than water or alcohol: for acute wheezing
oil chest with camphor then add vinegar towel and heating pack
breathe steam
equipment: face steamer
in Ger used injectable into spastic muscles
painted on cx for failure to dilate
when fresh and dose is pushed: druglike effect, buckle your knees, wears off quickly
1.5 hours back to normal
use small frequent doses, back off if nauseous
available as tincture or dry, make your own oil or vinegar
MOA: beta andrenergic receptor blocker, not best for HTN
beta receptors on heart, uterus, bronchioles

excellent antispasmodic, also mint, quite nontoxic
occ pts with pollen allergies react to handling whole flowers
looks like daisy with bulgy yellow center
anti-anxiety, for pains with stress, cranky, whiny children, irritability
camaduline, flavonoids, bisabolol has anti-inflam effects esp for GI
topical anti-inflam, for eczema, take internal anti-inflam also
oatmeal bath, wrap pt in tea soaked with tea

antispasmodic esp for GI, quick working
menthol is cooling
for skin: anti-itch, dot on mosquito bites
helps with poison oak and ivy
EO for travel first aid kid
in tea for nausea, motion sickness
in scalp for tension, temples for headache
for sore muscles
for gallbladder pain
EO may dissolve gallstones: enteric coated mint oil, menthoril
takes over a year to dissolve stones, use biliary herbs too
use enteric capsules prior to colonoscopy for comfort
available as tea, dried
used as corrigent--prevents ill effects of other herbs, corrective

PASIDIA (sp???)
Jamaican dogwood
all purpose anodyne
in pro-trauma from pro-gena
in tinctures
for headache, musc-skel ache, flu ache, pneumonia, stress, tension

antispasmodic to resp
hardly available and not well known
grows here abundantly but not on market

another daisy
PLT, mast cell stabilizer
prevents release of histamines
if auto-inflam dt histamine
all allergies incl animal, plant, food, drug, soap, perfume
bigger doses: dropper ea 15-30 mins
every 5 mins during aura to prevent acute migraine
sanguinaria, bryonia, gelsemium, belladonna are homeop migraine remedies

if you take lots it dopes you up
white flower waist high weedy plant
most affinity for musculoskeletal system
for sleep, for pain--rest before spasm causes more trouble
chronic neck or back pain, lumbar spasm
for bowel pain, bronchial spasm

musculoskeletal system, cimicifuga, kava, valerian
esp for intesting: mint, chamomile
for bile: raphine, dioscorrea
nerve: stjw
mucosal: licorice

low dose
hyperemia, bounding, full, vascular congestion
base of aesculus or crataegus plus a few drops of veratrum
dose: 1 dropper/15 mins
SX of OD: diarrhea, weak, pale, nauseous, she's never caused this
white raceme, lanceolate leaves with parallel venation, looks about waist high
homeop indic: weak and trembly, can't lift head from pilllow
biphasic effect

ace in hole for menstrual cramps
wavelike pain
if it doesn't work for these then it's not the uterus
white 5 round small petals in head,
3 lobed opposite leaves, red in fall, red berries in bunch
MOA: beta blocker
antispasmodic: bronchial, intestinal, uterine

white flower
long thin leaves
reduces inflam mediators, allergies, pain driven inflam
hyperreactivity, atopy
large doses for RA, osteoarthritis (10-20 pills of powder/day) works
smaller doses do nothing
experiments on dogs and people

ethnobotany tours
will continue to another post for the rest of the lecture
she's covering inflammatory pathways
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