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Homeopathic Remedy: Mercury

silver water
syphylitic miasm, deep trouble
deep acting constitutional
used acutely for tonsilitis, ear infx, etc
TISSUES: ectodermal mostly: nerves, mucus membranes, bones, teeth, muscles, skin
was cure for syphilis, give til they start salivating
cancer, deep infx, bone infx, teeth bones joints
poor immune sys, freq infx, recurrent ear infx
THEME: lack of reactive power and instability or inefficiency of functioning
volatility, destructiveness, could easily break down
eating disorders, cutting
chilly but intolerant of heat
can't adapt
tense body
pus formation
you don't have to go into the mercury mental state to indicate the remedy

**excessive salivation and perspiration
**low tolerances: sensitive to temperature extremes, change
**fever and sweat does not relieve, gets sicker
*aversion to being touched, doesn't want to talk
**stammering, stuttering when under stress
**craves bread and butter

dullness or excitability, unstable, anxious, absent minded
impulsive behaviors, anger, may snap
antisocial loner, don't connect, intraversion
dull, mb violent, aggressive, desire to kill
paranoid, fearful, delusional, threatened, copes by fighting, owns guns
delusion surrounded by enemies
thoughts persistent, intrude and crowd around each other, bottled up emotion, passion
OCD in syphilitic miasm
alcohol user, dug abuse, stupefaction, hallucinations
**craves bread and butter
restless, desire to travel, wants to go home, goes job to job, can't stay still
hurried feeling
docs put on anti-depressants-->fears calmed, more violence, murder, suicide
like violence, action movies, knives, guns, anarchist
chaos, confusion, mistakes in spelling
probs w/ concentration, studying, reading, writing
doesn't recognize relatives, loses way in well known streets
aversion to all persons, censorious, critical
desire for company AND worse alone
worse consolation, forsaken feeling
contemptuous, dictatorial, deceitful, disgusted with self and everything
loathing life, mania with rage
want of moral feeling, unfeeling, selfish, perfectionism
remorse, guilt
prison population: mercury and anacardium
delusion to pull or tweak nose
aversion to being touched
says he is well when sick
indisposed to talk, talks in sleep
mb brilliant, precocious, guilty
sensitive to others' distraction
shutting down feels like dying

night, alone, dz, insanity
people, robbers, suicide, evil, being murdered
impending death
something in the water is gonna get em
something coming into genitals
fear of insanity
feeling they've been betrayed
stingy, fear of poverty
GENERALS and more
**excessive salivation and perspiration, discharges profuse, green-yellow-bloody
smelly blood discharge (syphilitic)
**low tolerances: sensitive to temperature extremes, change
**fever and sweat does not relieve, gets sicker
worse at night
odor, stinking discharges, perspiration strong
ulcerations, eating away of tissue
abdominal probs, diarrhea, colitis, UC, tenesmus, bloody slimy stool
breast infx, mastitis (phytolacca, pulsatilla)
wake at night afraid they've gone crazy or are having a stroke
musculoskeletal tension
Tags: homeopathy, nd3

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