liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Muslim Army Psychiatrist Shoots Servicemen

This Washington Post story is particularly rich. First, the man with the guns was an Army major, and the location of the shooting was in a US military processing center in Virginia. Second, he was a psychiatrist and a doctor in the Medical Corps. Third, he was a devout Muslim, born of Palestinian parents in the US. Fourth, he was about to be deployed. Five, he disagreed with the US wars in the Middle East. Six, he opened fire with two handguns killing 11 military and police men and injuring another 31 before he was shot dead. Seven, there was the suspicion that other men were also shooting people but they were questioned and released. There are lots more details, but just that bit of info is ample food for thought. EDIT: Initially it was reported that the shooter was killed in the incident, but now they're saying he's alive and in stable condition. So we will know the motive, eventually.
Tags: america, islam, isms, madness, middle east, military, palestine, psych, religion, virginia, war

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