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Herbal Medicine: Aesculus (Horse Chestnuts)

My inner chipmunk has been fully expressed this fall--everywhere I go I see nuts on the ground and pick them up. They are shiny and rich-brown-red and they feel good in my hands. I know where the chestnut trees are. I have a huge collection of chestnuts. I can't believe that no one collects the nuts from most of the trees. There are a few trees where someone is picking up the nuts. Usually where Asians live. I wonder what the Asian use is for the nut.

I asked Stansbury and she said that when she orders it they grind it at the last minute, the whole nut, meat and shell and all. I asked her what part the medicine is in and she could not be more specific. I suggested that I could smash the nuts with a hammer and then blenderize them. She thought that might work. I wonder if my blender is capable. I am letting my collection of nuts sit on the windowsill and on the altar, and dry.

This morning after that long bike ride my ass hurts and the vein over my left medial malleolus is painful. What does it mean? When I lift my leg the blood drains right out. I guess I bumped it on something. I think I need some aesculus for my own health. My veins are puny. My mother probably needs it too. I'm going to try to make some oil and a tincture of these nuts.

I have barely anything on this plant from Stansbury, though she mentions it all the time. Here's her monograph:

Horse Chestnut - Aesculus has a long history of medicinal use as a venous tonic. Aescin from Aesculus seeds has anti-inflammatory and anti-edema capabilities, as well as an ability to reduce capillary permeability. Aescin also promotes contractility of venous wall elastin fibers preventing venous dilation.1,2,3,4 Aesculus has been reported to benefit venous insufficiency 5and is popular in Europe for vascular disease.

my memory of what it's good for:
--toning the venous system
--tightening weak and varicose veins
--topical oil or internal tincture in small amounts
--used in CHF formulas to improve venous return
--I'm told the nuts don't taste good but I don't understand why I know this song called "Chestnuts roasting by an open fire"
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