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Solutions to the Healthcare Quandry: Bills We Can Support

I knew he'd be hard at work. I had no idea he had such an elegant solution worked out! My favorite clear thinker Congressman Ron Paul has introduced several pieces of legislation in Congress to bring true change to health care. Imagine the impact if congress were to stop legislating as if they worked for big business, and begin legislating as if they actually had the health and best interests of private citizens at heart. The result would be something like what Ron Paul proposes.

H.R. 2629, the Coercion is Not Health Care Act
The intent of this bill is to stop government from railroading us into a scheme that requires us to buy health insurance, or makes the purchase of insurance a precondition for any government benefit or program.

H.R. 1495, the Comprehensive Health Care Reform Act of 2009
Allows us to pay health care bills as we choose. Provides a tax credit for all Americans for 100% of healthcare expenses (refundable against both income and payroll taxes). This bill also lets us roll over unused money in cafeteria plans and Flexible Savings Accounts (FSA), gives tax credits for premiums on high deductible insurance policies connected with Health Savings Accounts (HSA), lets seniors use their HSA moneys to cover the donuthole in medicare coverage, and repeals the 7.5% threshhold for the deduction of medical expenses, making ALL medical expenses tax deductible. This would lighten the burden on regular people, allowing us to seek care when we really need care.

H.R. 1498, the Freedom from Unnecessary Litigation Act of 2009
Provides a tax credit for negative outcomes (malpractice) insurance purchased prior to medical treatment and prevents medical malpractice awards obtained through binding arbitration from being taxed. This will reduce the costs imposed on doctors and hospitals due to malpractice, and allow healthcare to be offered at a cost more closely approximating its true worth instead of the cost of defending against constant legal suits.

H.R. 2630, the Protect Patients and Physicians Privacy Act
This bill gives patients and physicians the option to opt-out of government mandated or funded electronic health care records. It also repeals the federal law creating an “unique patient identifier”. It also denies the use of federal funds to advance the use of standard unique health identifiers in any federal, state, or private health care plan.

H.R. 3394, the Freedom of Health Speech Act
This bill requires the FTC to actually prove health care claims are false before preventing those claims from being made. So freedom of speech would prevail, and you can say what you want, unless there is proof that your claim is false. Currently you are not allowed to support the use of a product or food for a health condition unless the FDA has allowed that claim. This is censorship enforced by one of our more corrupt and corporate biased agencies.

H.R. 3395, the Health Freedom Act
This bill stops the FDA from denying truthful health claims simply because they are not "approved".

Remember that Ron Paul was helpful in stopping the FDA from taking more control over vitamins and other nutrients. He is supportive of legislation that allows Americans to seek the care they want from the source they deem appropriate. And he opposes forced vaccinations and mental health screenings of American citizens.
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