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Homeopathy Midterm Review

Homeopathy III Materia Medica Review for Mid-Term exam, Week 7

All students are required to take this mid term. It is worth 90 points (the final exam is about 180 points). If some students don’t do well on the mid term exam, I will drop the mid term score (just like I allow you to drop your lowest quiz score). I will only count the mid term into the final grade if it helps raise the overall score.

I believe the mid term will help you in two ways: 1)You will gain increased knowledge of these important polycrest remedies. 2)The final exam will cover 24 remedies. So studying these 13 or so remedies now will make preparation for the final exam easier. The mid term will be in the same format as the final, so you will know what to expect.

I understand the sacrifices you must make as medical students. My intention is not to increase you stress level, but rather to support you in gaining increased knowledge and deeper understanding of homeopathy.

The mid term exam will cover these remedies (7 of which were taught in Homeopathy II, plus other remedies I’ll teach week 6). So start reviewing and studying now! Morrison is a great place to start. I’ve added a sketchy summary of each remedy. There will also be questions on case taking, symptoms, definition of health, homeopathic philosophy, etc. (from the postings on E reserve and class lectures, so review these as well.

Aurum metallicum
Calcarea carbonica
Nux vomica


AF = ailments from > = ameliorates < = aggravates
After studying the materia medica, try to find the remedy for the following mini-cases (without looking at notes or books). We will go over these cases in class week 6.

The mid term exam is comprised of 15 mini-cases, just like the following. Study the materia medica of the above remedies. With this knowledge, you should do well on the cases. The exam is closed book. Here are some sample cases:

1. A six year old girl gets frequent colds, coughs, and ear infections (2). She has a patch of eczema behind the right ear, since age 2. She also gets stomach aches (2), with a history of constipation, interspersed with occasional bouts of diarrhea. When sick, she complains readily and is demanding of attention. She is bossy (3), and seems to have both parents under her thumb. She is irritable in the morning. She’s always needed to eat soon after waking. She can get headaches if she is hungry. She is cautious, anxious, seeking protection from her parents. She is not an adventurer. She is very intelligent, but is also dyslexic, so is having problems learning to read and write. She gets frustrated and refuses to try. She craves sweets (3) and is a picky eater; only eats what she wants, usually gets her way. She seems immature. She frequently gets a cough or otitis that begin around 5 p.m. but usually is gone by bedtime.(2)
a. Rx: _____________________________
b. Also consider: __________________________

blood sugar probs: lyc, phos, sulph
cautious, anxious, seeking protection: puls, lyc
not adventurous: lyc
dyslexia: lyc, med
craves sweets: lyc, calc, sulph likes junk food
immature: lyc, puls
cough 5pm-bedtime: lyc (4-8)
so this is lyc

2. A 19 year old girl has problems with heavy menstrual bleeding since menarche (2). She appears pale, slightly anemic, slightly overweight. She complains on shortness of breath on exertion (2), climbing stairs, etc. She also gets frequent colds, and flu, with swollen cervical glands (3). She perspires (3) a lot, on her head, neck, axilla, hands and feet. She even perspires when it is cold (2). She is a very nice person, hard working, socially well-adjusted, but a bit anxious. She has close friends, is open, gets along well with people. Her fears include high places (3), and a fear of doctors and hospitals (2) . Other than these fears, she is very healthy emotionally. She craves sweets (3), milk (2), ice cream (3), salt (2). She likes the sun. She is worse in cold, wet weather. She also has some joint pains: there is a family history of osteoarthritis. She likes warmth, warm weather, applications, etc. She is extremely sensitive to hearing the news or scary movies (3), and must monitor what she watches.
a. Rx: ________________________
b. Also consider: __________________________

heavy menses: phos, sep
sob on climbing stairs: calc
swollen cervical glands: calc
perspires on head etc a lot: calc, sulph
anxious: calc
fear heights: calc, aurum, nat m, sulph
craves ice cream: puls, calc, sulph, phos
salt: nat m, sulph, calc can, phos
sensitive to news: calc

3. A 28 year old female attorney seeks treatment for constipation and insomnia. She is quick in speech and actions, very competitive, and ambitious. She is neat, fastidious, extremely well organized, and efficient. She has a strong sex drive. She gets painful menstrual cramps, greatly relieved by heat. She tends towards impatience, and can be irritable if contradicted. Her confidence is good. She has a good relationship, is never depressed, but overworks. She is chilly. She can wake at 3 a.m. and worry about her business. She is irritable on waking. She sometimes drinks alcohol to relax in the evening, but she tends to get hangovers and headaches over her left forehead.
a. Rx: ________________________
b. Also consider: __________________________

constip: calc, lyc, nux v, nat mur, ign, sep
competitive: aurum, nux
fastidious, organized: arsenicum, thuja, nux vomica
menses crampy: nux v, ign, sep
better heat: nux v, ign, calc, lyc
impatient: nux
irrit w/ contradict: nux, others
overworks: nux, calc, ign
chilly: arsenicum, calc, nux v, lyc, ign, thuja
wakes at 3am and worries: thuja, nux
irritable on waking: nux, lyc
alc to relax, gets hangovers on L: nux worse alc

4. This patient suffers from PMS, hemorrhoids, constipation and depression. She has indigestion with nausea She is chilly, but also averse to stuffy rooms. She has an amelioration of her symptoms by exercise; also has a general amelioration in the evening.
a. Rx: ______________
b. Also consider: ______________

nausea: sepia
averse to stuffy room: puls usu warm but also chilly, arsenicum, sep
better exercise: sep
better pm: sep (general sycotic miasm characteristic, thuja too)

5. She is very unhappy in her work; she broods silently, but tells no one. Her love affair with her boss ended abruptly, and she weeps bitterly alone in her room. She has had problems at work, and is very intolerant of contradiction. She suffers from upper back pain, with muscle spasms causing headaches. She is also very sensitive to coffee, tobacco smoke and perfumes, which also cause headaches. Chilly, > warmth.
a. Rx: ______________
b. Also consider: ______________

sad and closed: nat mur, ign, aurum
weeps alone: ign, nat mur
intolerant of contradiction: nux, ign, lyc
upper back tension: ign
sensitive to coffee: nux, ign, (strychnine)
tobacco and perfume: ign

6. A 33 year old woman suffers deeply since the relationship ended. She sees no hope; it is all so bleak without him. She is angry, feels betrayed, but tells no one. Her insomnia is severe. She can survive the days, but the long nights seem like endless agony. Her reaction is to work harder. She also gets severe sinus headaches, very painful. She feels it's her fate, yet prays for release. At times music gives her some relief. Since it ended she has been drinking alcohol every night.
a. Rx: ______________
b. Also consider: ______________

ailments from disappointed love: aurum, nat mur, ign, staph
insomnia, worse at night: aurum, syphilis
workaholic: aurum, calc carb
sinus headaches: aurum
prays: aurum
music amel: nat mur, aurum
alcohol: nat mur, aurum

7. A 52 year old woman complains of hot flashes, dizziness, and emotional swings. All of these and the following symptoms have come on in the past year: craves sweets, sleeps on abdomen, jealous, feels unloved (fears her husband will leave her for a younger woman), worse from the sun, craves open air and breezes, worse twilight, digestive upsets from rich foods, weight gain. New food cravings include ice cream, cheese, butter, hard-boiled eggs.

a. Rx: ______________
b. Also consider: ______________

worse from hot sun
sep for menopause but otherwise not fit
lach but we haven't studied it
lyc as second best, GI upset

8. A 7 year old girl has a bad cough that started six weeks ago. She is thin, looks tired and run down. Her fever is 101, and temp has varied from normal to around 101 for the past two weeks. She is very thirsty, wants cold drinks. She is fearful of being alone, and strongly desires company. Her cough and fever tend to be worse around sunset. She acts very nice in the interview, looks directly at you, and expresses herself well. The cough is painful at times. She says her chest feels hollow or empty. She craves sweets, also salty, and frequently asks for ice cream.

a. Rx: ______________
b. Also consider: ______________

remitting fever
thirst for cold drinks: phos, nat mur, calc carb
ars thirsty for sips warm
fear of being alone: puls, phos, arsenicum, lyc
desire company: phos, ars, lyc
worse at sunset: phos, puls
expresses well: phos, calc, puls (mb shy early)
painful cough: phos, caust
chest hollow/empty: phos
cravings sweet, salt, ice cream: all phos

Arsenicum album: Insecurity, anxiety, restlessness, pacing. Fear death, great anxiety about health. Panic attacks. Fastidious, perfectionist, compulsive disorders. Fear disease, robbers, alone, poverty, death. Avarice, stingy, selfish. Dependent, desire company, fear alone. Constantly calls the doctor. Despair of recovery. Depression, even to suicide. Anorexia. Burning pains better heat. Very chilly, < cold. Desires heat. Burning pains better heat. Worse around midnight. Offensive, thin, acrid discharges. Right sided. Desires fat, alcohol, warm drinks, sour, lemon. Food poisoning, acute gastroenteritis. Diarrhea, < cold drinks, < from fruit, < ice cream. Thirst for frequent sips. Insomnia, wakes 12 to 1 a.m. Asthma. Dryness. Tremendous weakness, out of proportion to pathology. Inflammation, anywhere in the body. Used from acutes to constitutional to severe late-stage illness (cancer, dying patients). Acutes with restlessness, anxiety, chilliness, thirst for small quantities often. Periodicity. Stomach pains better milk. Ulcers. Miasms: Syphilis and psora.

Aurum metallicum: Depression, suicidal (jumping or driving), desires death, relieved by thought of suicide. Perfectionism, serious, must excel, driven. Ailments from grief, disappointed love, humiliation, mortification, business losses. Anger, even rage. Better music. Better evening but worse night. Terrible insomnia. Pain drives her to suicide. Praying, religious, spiritual seekers, artists. High standards. Idealist. Fear failure, heart disease, heights. Angina, heart disease, cancer. Bone pains. Undescended testicle. Malignancy of testes. Alcoholism or drug use. Nasal obstruction, severe sinusitis, pain at root of nose. Moaning in sleep.
Miasms: Mostly Syphilis and some sycosis

Calcarea carbonica: Overwhelmed, overworked. Task oriented. Anxious about health, fear breaking down, fear disease, doctors, hospitals, insects, high places, accidents. Fear that his mind is weak, insanity, that others will notice his confusion. Sensitive to horrible stories. Obesity, chilly and worse cold damp. Worse exertion, esp. ascending. Poor stamina. Sense of inner trembling. Agg from aspirin. Pale. Swollen glands. Perspiration head or occiput, < night during sleep. Craves eggs, sweets, dairy, ice cream. Constipation no urge. Metrorhaggia, esp. around menopause. Fibroids. Breast swell and hurt before menses. Back pain, arthritis. Concern with metaphysical issues, especially in children. Cold, clammy extremities. Perspire in a cold room. Cold feet night, wear socks to bed, then take them off in night. Nails weak, brittle.
Miasm: Very psoric.

Causticum: Idealistic, Sympathetic, Intolerant of injustices, rebellious. AF grief, punishment. Can be depressed and despairing over injustices. Check and re-check compulsively. Fear something bad will happen, fear dogs, ghosts.. Hurried. Better in cloudy and wet weather. Worse cold winds, worse drafts Eruptions or warts on nose, eyelids. Constant desire to clear throat. Hoarseness. Craves salt, smoked meat. Averse sweets. Urinary incontinence from cough, sneeze. Aversion to coition in women. Cough deep, mucus sticky. Cough better cold drinks. Rheumatic complaints, arthritis, contractures. Warts fingers. Neurological conditions. Gradual paralysis. Bell’s Palsy, MS. Stammering.
Miasms: Psora, Sycosis, Syphilis, but one of the 3 miasms will be dominant in every Causticum patient.

Ignatia: Sensitive, easily excited. Refined, idealistic. Idealistic, high expectations, and thus easily disappointed. Contradictions. Rapidly changing moods; hysteria. AF grief, disappointed love, fright. Silent grief. Stormy relationships, offended easily, remain cramped inside. Sentimental. Involuntary weeping. Sighing, sobbing, averse consolation. Quarrelsome, impatient. Desires to be alone; brooding. AF being reprimanded. Can’t decide, irresolution. Headache as if a nail in side of head, better lying on it. Perspires face. Averse or craves fruit. Travel ameliorates. Worse sweets. Spasms. Emotional tension somatized in muscles, creating tight traps, jaw muscles, rectum, etc. Dysmenorrhea. Fear of birds, robbers, narrow places. Mental symptoms alternate with physical.
Miasm: Psora

IGN: tense, idealistic, romantic, high expectations of life, easily disappointed, perfectionism, moody, set up for grief, better hard pressure, contraction, very emotional, feels in chest, throat, sighing, sobbing, averse to consolation, can do it myself, impatient, brooding, hates reprimand, likes cultural travel, refined, dysmenorrhea, spasm, psoric, ailments from disappointed love, fright, grief, cramping inside

Lycopodium: Anxiety regarding self-esteem, which may be covered up by bluffing or acting confident, knowledgeable, or may even seem haughty. Cowardice. Want of self-confidence. Fears intimacy, marriage, commitment. Anxiety about health. Fear alone (wants company but in the next room). Fear failure, dark, stage fright. . Fear loss of social status. Dictatorial. Irritable, especially towards inferiors. Dyslexia. Anxiety affects the gut: GI problems. Bloating, constipation, diarrhea, rumbling, easy satiety. Binges, then diets. Craves sweets, warm drinks.
Right sided symptoms, also sleeps on right side.
Worse early morning, wakes unrefreshed, especially worse 4-8 p.m. or thereabouts, and best after 8 p.m. until midnight.
Worse fasting, headaches better eating, but in general can be worse after eating due to GI issues. Furrowed brow, frowning expression. Premature graying hair. Impotency, frigidity, promiscuity.
Miasm: primarily Psora, but some sycosis.

Medorrhinum: Excesses and extremes. Passion, sexuality and genitourinary tract. Desire to experience everything. Erratic performance. Profuse discharges. Problems since birth. Strong sexuality. Cruelty but may be sensitive. Crave sour fruit, citrus, fat, ice, alcohol, drugs. Averse eggplant, slimy foods. Anticipatory anxiety, ailments from anticipation. Bites nails. Clairvoyance. Concentration difficult. Confusion of mind. Delusions, someone touched her head. Delusion, someone behind him. Weak memory, for names, for what he’s read, said, about to say, just thought, about to write. Mistakes in speaking, spelling. Play, desire to, night. Suspicious. Thinking of complaints aggravates. Wild feeling in head. Time passes too slowly. Mental work impossible. Asthma. Better at sea. Better in evening and night. History or family history of gonorrhea. Chronic rhinitis or sinusitis, arthritis. Constant clearing of throat (Caust). Chronic vaginitis, urethritis, cystitis. Sex drive extreme. PID. Soles of feet sensitive. Hot feet, uncover them in bed. Sleeps abdomen, knee chest position.
Miasm: Sycotic

Natrum muriaticum: Vulnerability to emotional injury. Avoids hurting others, sympathetic. Serious, averse consolation, broods, dwells on past. Sensitive, introverted, closed, romantic, perfectionistic. AF grief. Silent grief, sad but can’t weep. AF disappointed love. Dignity. Can’t weep in presence of others. Averse company. Fastidious. Fears robbers, narrow places. PMS: sad, irritable. Worse sun, < 10-3 p.m. Headaches. Hay fever. Herpetic eruptions face, lips. Cracked lips. Craves salt or averse salt. Thirsty. Bashful kidneys. Painful coition, dryness vagina. Back pain better hard pressure. Insomnia, dwells on past hurts. Sleeps left side. Dryness and retention are themes (dry skin, eyes, mouth, scanty perspiration, menses, constipation)
Miasm: Psora, a little syphilis

NAT MUR: sensitive, vulnerable on emotional level dt hurt, defensive position, wants to avoid being hurt or hurting others, walled off, don't want sympathy or consolation, serious, sympathetic, sad, melancholy, likes to be alone or one on one, grief, sadness cannot weep, cries alone, shy bladder, neat, orderly, on time, fear of robbers, high places, enclosed places, worse in strong sun and heat, thirsty, dry skin eyes vagina, insomnia dt dwelling on past, amenorrhea, retention, constipation

Nux vomica: Chilly, spasms, drugging, oversensitive to light, noise, etc. Ambitious and competitive. Fastidious, efficient. GI complaints, painful spasms. Irritable, excitable, and impatient. Easily offended, irritable, angry, intolerant of contradiction. Worse anger. Worse cold, drafts, better warmth in any form. Wants to but can’t (vomit, defecate, etc.). Craves fat, alcohol and stimulants which aggravate. Muscle spasms abound. Sneezing in morning. Worse mornings. Cystitis with frequent urging for small amounts, better heat or warm bathing. Insomnia, < 3-4 a.m. Craves fat, coffee, alcohol, spicy.
Miasm: psora, some sycosis

NUX VOM: competitive, sim to ign, impatient, hates being in line/traffic, fastidious, dressedforsuccess, hard worker, shows upearly stays late, wants to beat people up, irritable, angry, violent, these agg, worse cold in any form, better heat any form, wants to but can't, craves fat, alcohol, stimulants, which agg, worse in am, liver remedy, wakes at 3am thinking of work, back pain, spasm, strong sex drive.

Phosphorus: Diffusion, no strong boundaries, clairvoyant. Imaginative and anxious. Desire and ameliorated by company. Social, warm, open, sympathetic. Very fearful: anxiety about health, fear death, disease, dark, thunderstorms, alone, something will happen. Love connection, touch, massage, sex. Better consolation, better massage, better eating, better cold drinks, better sleep. Worse at twilight, < alone. Spacy. Very thirsty for ice cold drinks. Diabetes. Worse fasting, better eating. Crave or averse sweets. Crave spicy, salty, cold drinks, chocolate, ice cream, milk. Worse lying on left side. Sleeps right side, better from sleep. A left sided remedy. Hemorrhagic tendency, epistaxis, etc. Hoarseness, problems easily go to lungs, coughs and URI’s.
Miasms: primarily psora, some sycosis and some syphilis. Tubercular.

PHOS: sensitive, open, things come in, anxious, fearful, lots of fears, clairvoyant, lack of boundaries, sensual, affectionate, hx of sexual, need people, hates to be alone, bubbly, sparkly, attractive, sympathetic, worry for health, dark, alone, thunderstorms, bad feeling, better from consolation, eating, cold drinks, sleeping, blood sugar: dm or hypoglycemia, better eating, craves or avoids sweets, craves salty, spicy, ice, milk, chocolate, L sided but worse lying on L, bleeding anywhere, easy bleeding, also resp, colds that go to lungs, throat, hoarseness.

Pulsatilla: Mild, yielding, changeable disposition. Dependent and needy, seek consolation, fear abandonment. Jealousy. Weeps easily, seeks consolation, which ameliorates. Easily influenced, malleable. Soft, timid, dependent. Warm, worse heat, hate stuffy rooms, worse warm applications, worse hot sun, better cool air and better cold applications. Need open air, > walking slowly in open air, in cool weather. Faintness in a closed room. Craves butter, cream, cheese, ice cream, peanut butter. Averse fat, butter. Worse fatty foods, pork, bread. Hormonal remedy: agg. during menarche, before or during menses, during pregnancy, at menopause. Dry mouth but thirstless. Otitis media. Symptoms change. Menses irregular. Coughs, otitis, GI problems, headaches.
Miasm: psora, some sycosis

PULS: feeling of needing love and support, fear of loosing that, forsaken feeling, changeable, moody, weeps easily, likes consolation and company, dependent, needy, jealous, malleable, easily influenced, warm worse heat, hates stuffy rooms, needs motion gentle, GI probs, craves rich fatty things which agg, pork agg, PB, hormonal sx w/ menses, menarche, menopause, preg, dry mouth but not thirsty, changeable, menses irreg, bowels alternate, coughs worse in bed, mucus in morning, for OM.

Sepia: Stasis. Hormonal remedy. Loss of ability to feel love for children or lover. Irritable, sarcastic, critical. Anger from consolation. Better vigorous exercise. Averse to sex. Nausea. Weeping involuntarily, causeless weeping.. PMS with sadness, weeping, irritability. Averse company, better alone. Chilly, worse cold. Better in evening. Worse 3 or 3-5 p.m. Worse before or during menses. Left sided remedy. Nausea of pregnancy or frequent nausea. Craves sweets, vinegar or sour. Sensation of lump in rectum. Vaginitis with acrid discharge. Menses scanty. Amenorrhea or dysmenorrhea. Infertility or miscarriage. Stress incontinence. Psoriasis. Fear ghosts, poverty.
Miasm: sycosis

SEP: flatness or stasis, hormones cancel out, better hard exertion, mb sensitive early but later loses love and sex drive, drained, anger at partner, sad at lost love, weeping, dislikes consolation, L sided, nausea big part, craves sour, vinegar, sweets, constipation, lump in rectum, amenorrhea, bad cramps, infertility, miscarriages, stress incontinence, back pain or whatever better from exercise

Staphysagria: AF from anger, from suppressed anger, mortification, grief, rudeness of others, disappointed love, indignation, sexual excesses. Offended easily. Sensitive to rudeness. Trembles or throws things when angry. Worse confrontation. Low self-esteem. Conscientious about trifles. Horrible things, sad stories affect her profoundly. Thoughts, intrude, sexual, persistent.. Unfortunate, feels. Will, weakness of. Yielding disposition. Masturbation, sexual fantasies. Worse after siesta. Honeymoon cystitis. Psoriasis after a grief. Head like block of wood. Worse after coition or masturbation. Guilt. Sensitive, wants to please. Styes, condylomata. Bad teeth.
Miasms: sycosis, some psora and syphilis

Sulphur: Over mentalized. Egotism. Intellectual, curious, theorizes, acquires knowledge. Critical, argues. Indolence. Disgust. Fear heights. Collects things. Rags are beautiful. Anxiety for family. Hot, burning. 5 a.m. diarrhea. Worse 11 a.m., hunger, weak empty feeling. Skin problems. Itching skin, rectum. Red lips, orifices. Poor posture, slumps, back pain. Burning eructations, stomach, burning pains. Craves sweets, spicy, fat, beer or alcohol, thirsty for cold drinks. Averse eggs. Offensive discharges, gas, stool. Worse standing. Worse washing. Messy, dirty. Insomnia, catnaps. **Nightmares if sleeps on back. Itching worse heat, bathing, scratches till burns or bleeds.Warm, worse heat.
Miasm: psora

SULPH: overmentalized, in head, egotism, curious, collects things, information, builds theories around things, likes to argue, critical, lazy, indolent, disgust, anxious for family, independent but some fears of contagion or for family, hot remedy, burning sensations,redness, uncovers feet (like med, puls), 5am D, 11am all gone sensation, skin stuff, itching from heat of bed, burning btw scapulae, craves lots, offensive gas, stool, worse from standing, washing, messy, stays up late.




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