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Homeopathic Remedies: Staphysagria

usu prescribed on essence
lacks strong general sx
frequent complaints: HA, MS, colitis, skin prob, epididimitis
often confused with Puls and Nat mur

vulnerary, first aid remedy for wounds, after surgery, lacerations
for scars, wounds that penetrate
sensitive, emotionally wounded, scarred, often from childhood
emotional wound never healed, is inflamed-->indignation, anger
denial, shock may have been too great, memory mb suppressed
feels guilty when they should feel angry
alcoholism common

anger, fear of, unexpressed, trembling, guilt over
nice, malleable, modest, humble, innocent, helpless, mb timid
sweet and depressed
open to questions, cry easily
guilt, shame, humiliation, mortification
doormat, easily dominated, weak boundaries, battered women
(remedy may cause divorce)
sensitive to rudeness, grief, esp repeated grief (Caust also)
honor – not intact, feeling of less than others
compensatory egotism, more likely to appear obsequious
emotions suppressed, esp anger, not seen, not expressed
feels guilt/shame instead of anger
decompensated: rage, anger agg, headache from anger
**speechless, trembling, throwing things when angry
angry drunk
sensitive to rudeness, every remark like insult
no right to be in world, exposed, vulnerable, not entitled to have boundaries
wants to hide, don't draw attention, don't rock boat
avoid confrontation, even small things like returning stuff
confrontation causes emotional and physical spasm, can't tolerate criticism
standing up for self-->aggravation afterward
men like violent movies
can't respond in moment, mb speechless, catatonic when attacked
freeze up in tough situation
artistic, refined, philosophical, intellectual
**writing poetry: ask to see it
**talks to self when alone, mb about what's unfair, src of anger
mb depressed dt situation, resigned sadness
lose interest in life
autism or retardation after suppression in children

in relationship with aggressive/dominating people
looses self in relationship
strong need for love (subs sex)
sexual expression important to obsessive
masturbation common
**masturbation to fall asleep
intense fantasies
strong sex drive but not obvious
sexuality mb mixed with aggression
passive promiscuity: can't say no
premature ejac
loss of memory after sexual excesses
men weak/dull after sex/masturb
in women, complaints after 1st coitus

usu acquired state from abuse or constant criticism: whipped dog
ailments from suppressed anger, humiliation, abuse, domination by others,
suppression of emotions, esp anger
ailments from grief, disappointed love, romantic grief, mortification, surgical incision
ailments from: coition, sexual excesses, masturbation, first intercourse
abuse may have been sexual, guilt/shame are opposite side of anger coin
((caust, ign, aur, merc, etc and many more could be remedy for sexual abuse))
injury to ego

worse: reprimand, punishment (L handed curse)
weakness, while walking, esp knees, bone pains, itching
skin growths sensitive or painless, numb
pains shooting, stitching, burning, bruised
polyps, warts, condylomata, arthritic nodes
twitches and chorea
worse: mental affections, anger, romantic grief, mortification, tobacco, coition, masturbation, sexual excesses, light tough, letting mind dwell on sexual objects
**worse: afternoon naps
better: after breakfast, from hard pressure, warmth

twitching, chorea
complaints after stretching of sphincters
(incl 1st coitus, exams, D&C)
warts anywhere, painful growths
craves sweets, milk, tobacco
pain like sharp, like knife
energy drop 2-4pm

feels like block of wood
ache after anger, grief, sex
alopecia after grief, memory loss after sex
styes (sulph too), eye surgery
bad teeth, lots of cavities, darkening of teeth, easy decay, periodontal prob


agg after afternoon siesta
sleepless at night

eruptions, psoriasis after grief, warts, tumors
bartholins cyst
skin worse in sun
poor healing

IBS, colitis
food sits like a weight
colitis since abdominal surgery
craves: sweets, milk, bread, tobacco
averse to: milk
low thirst

honeymoon cystitis, urging to urinate, burning urethra
bladder prolapse
impotence after sexual excesses, enlarge prostate (sycotic), tumor of testicle, orchitis, honeymoon cystitis

chronic low grade cough

remorse after anger
worse after confrontation
anger suppressed easily
can't stand up for self, speak up
accepts blame, feels guilt
ailments after romantic grief
talks to self
writes poetry
headaches frontal and occipital, dullness of mind with HA
block of wood
recurrent sties, or hx, quiverying eyes
UTIs, honeymoon, after coition, condylomata
crave tobacco
high sex drive
indigestion: food sits light weight
IBS sx
worse sphincter stretching
skin worse in sun
skin prob after grief (Ign, Staph) incl psoriasis
likeable, malleable, fragile ego
energy drop 2-4 pm
loses self in relationship

phantom limb pain

Complement: caust, thuja
Tags: codependence, domestic violence, homeopathy

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