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Soy is NOT Good For You!

I stopped consuming soy about 2 years ago after a survey of the literature. I am surprised at how many health-minded folks are still using soy milk on their cereal and in their lattes, eating TVP in their veggie chili, tofu in their Thai food, and generally gobbling the stuff down.

Soy is used as a filler in NEARLY ALL "low carb" processed food and in most "energy" bars. The ingredient to avoid is "soy protein isolate" which as far as I can tell is indigestible for humans. It definitely gives ME a stomach ache. I avoid this stuff and check for it in any powders that I might add to a smoothie. The cheapest and best protein additive for smoothies is whey---IF you are not allergic to milk.

I just ran across a succinct list of the reasons to avoid soy at the Weston A Price Foundation website. There are also links here to the research papers themselves, if you're interested. Bottom line: if you're going to eat soy, don't eat it with every meal, and avoid TVP at all times. That shit's toxic. DON'T consider it a meat substitute. If you don't eat meat, eat cheese and eggs to get the amino acids and fats you need.

I do still eat edamame, which is fresh green soybeans sucked from the hull, raw or lightly steamed. Not with every meal! But good sometimes with sushi.
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