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Homeopathic Remedy: Medhorrhinum

major polychrest
poorly represented, underprescribed
often mistaken for nux v, sulph, tuberculinum
as frequently indicated as sulph, calc, lyc, puls, nat mur, phos, sep, nux v

big remedy for children
nosode, from penile discharge of gonorrheal infx
best represents sycotic miasm: excesses, extremes, loves thrills
someone in family had gonorrhea and passed down miasmatic tendency
central idea: excess, extremes, polarity, profuse, passionate, temper
unstable, fitful, inconsistent
GU effects, sexual energy
not well represented esp in Kent
one of top 8 remedies for children per Herscu
Vithoulkas: fitfulness, not sustained
like to do extreme things: outdoor adventure, competitive events
excess discharges: mucus, high fever
hurried, not enough time
nail biter
weeps when talking

dyslexia, ADD, learning disability
hyper, friendly, bond too quickly to strangers
or aggressive, tantrums, biting, kicking
dull, foggy, trouble in school, trouble following commands
forgetful, loosing words, thoughts, spacey, difficulty focusing (late stage)
mistakes in writing, speaking
confusion, not sure if things are real/unreal
weak motor skills, clutzy
passionate, jealous, loving, compulsive, violent
feel hurried, time goes too quickly, scattered, forgetful
flips between states: sweet/kind to other
loves animals but can hurt them, cruelty, mean children, worse in daytime
quarrels, scrreaming, fighting, hates contradiction
fits of anger, temper, strange feeling in head
fears: someone is behind them, dark
**comes alive in evening, likes night time
night life, one night stands, partying
**hates getting out of bed in morning
extraverted, charismatic, outgoing
extraverted, captivating, charismatic
high vitality, magnetic, egotistical, sure they're right, egotistic
may weep during interview
mb intraverted, artistic
fear of: small spaces, insanity, dark water
adult may not be wild anymore, but was
ocean amel, likes things big, may feel cleansed by swimming in sea
night amel

earthy, sensual, in their body
hedonistic, high drive, mb insatiable
sexually adventurous, explore drugs
wants to break taboos (seduce priest, married person)
sex amel
macho, sexy, lascivious, jealous
early masturbation in boys, erotic play, nudity

better: night, in the sea
swimming in sea amel asthma, arthritis
hx of suppressed gonorrhea
edema esp ankles
**sleeps on belly or child position “knee chest position” genupectorum
hot feet (like sulph) uncovers feet in bed
restless feet, legs, like to go barefoot
hands hot
**nail biting
lots of mucus (excess) sinusitis, resp infx, allergies
probs ever since birth
constant throat clearing (like caust)
body/orifice odors like spoiled fish
for: asthma
face oily
lots of warts, urticaria, eczema
**firey red diaper rash
kids unmanageable, strong willed, hyperactive or timid/shy

craves: sour fruit, citrus, grapefuit, orange, lemon
craves: fat, alc, ice, sweets, salt, eats ice cubes
**rare keynote: passes stool only by leaning far back
slight constip tendency

edema of ankles
JRA, AI, collagen dz, runny catarrh, recurrent conjunctivitis, UTI, bedwetting
Reiter's syndrome, AS, arthritis
GU probs: prostatitis, urethritis, condylomata, bartholins cyst, PID
fallen arches, arthritis
URIs, mucus, asthma, talk funny
born with asthma, eczema, rhinitis
children unmanageable, red, fiery eruptions around perineum

better: open air, knee-chest position, continued movement, night time
worse: damp, cold, wet, 2am, rest

thuja, nat sulph, sulph, calc carb, puls, sulph, argentum nitricum
Tags: homeopathy, nd3

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