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General update

Wow long week. Last weekend was the business workshop, so I've been going for 12 straight days. I'm holding up mostly. The business classes actually bring me up, because they help me to realize that I actually stand a chance to succeed in business, rookie though I am. I have lots of good ideas. And people out there really need what I have to offer. And I'm not a spring chicken like many of my classmates.

Remember that I had heavy metal contamination? Right now I'm taking DMSA, chelating the lead and other metals out of my body. I'm feeling OK. My last challenge test showed that my lead levels are still pretty high, arsenic and mercury less but still in there. DMSA is very specific for lead, so I'm told it won't start taking out the mercury etc until the lead is mostly out. That could take awhile.

I'm headed out in a few minutes to go to an art opening! I haven't been "out" by myself in this town yet, but someone I know has some paintings in the show, and he invited me. I guess it's time that I get bold enough to ride the bus alone after dark when it does not involve school. I do it often enough for school events, and soon it will be dark the vast majority of hours in each day. I can't let night stop me.

What else? Well it was really cool to wake today to the news that Obama got the Nobel Peace Prize. It is a seal of approval on his way of expecting all parties to take responsibility for their actions and allow the respect accorded humanity for all. So WHAT if all he has done is talk. He has said out loud the things that have long needed to be said. Thank goodness somebody finally did. I hope his approach gains lots of steam from the award.

Last thing. I just posted a new housemate wanted ad on Craigslist and I already have three replies. I think Friday night is a good time to post. I'm going to wait until tomorrow night and then see about sorting and replying.
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