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Jello Biafra spoke in Flagstaff last night

What a show! He was supposed to start at 8pm but was late. The set was simple. Biafra wore a remote mike, and paced the stage in front of a table covered with notes and magazines. No backdrop, no distractions. There were just a few lights on him. The purpose was "spoken word". Biafra looks to be in his 40's, slightly paunchy but certainly energetic. He's a white guy with a square jaw and a very expressive face.

The Orpheum was about 1/2 full, and the crowd was predominantly punk with piercings, black studded clothing and assorted (sometimes green) hair that was long in places and short in others. I know nothing about punk culture or music, other than what I can see. I had a Goth housemate once and she sucked (was sullen, nasty, and nocturnal). I have never liked the sound of their music, and didn't make it past there.

The punksters are cigarette smokers. Outside the Orpheum before the show they were puffing their heads off, and when after 3 HOURS we got a break they all went out to ingest more nicotene. They were distant but not hostile.

Biafra was humorous, which was his saving grace for those who did not come to the same conclusions as him. He started with several raps based on his old Dead Kennedy's songs, and going back and forth among topics. He worked the crowd, saying outrageous things just to see what reaction he would get. He spoke of the "United Snakes of America", about the Corporatocracy, the Republicrats....about Clown Prince W and Count Kerry--the vampire with no teeth.

His immitation of Shrub looked like a marching windup toy spouting phrases like "defend freedom". He made the rounds of the big issues of our day, war, the military industrial complex, the pharmaceutical complex, the prison industry and mandatory sentencing, election fraud and voting machines, the "rebuilding" of New Orleans, the redevelopment of FIMA into an agency that declares and enforces martial law, abortion and how it takes a village to RAZE a child, methane and global warming, SUVs and the assholes who drive them, junk mail, the undermining of constitutional freedoms in the US, the Patriot Act, the Military Commissions Act, the US hiring Haliburton to build concentration camps, 911 conspiracies, spying on citizens, the condition of roads, the lack of healthcare, the gay agenda, the apocalypse and rapture, fundamentalist christianity in our executive branch, the media as a tool of distraction from the real issues, GE's ownership of NBC, mutual masturbation as a way of avoiding both pregnancy and STD's, etc. The list goes on: there is no way I could remember it all.

Biafra illuminated the voting records of McCain, "the Hillary monster" and others. McCain, the reputed "maverick", voted in line with Shrub 94% of the time... Many politicians over the last 6 years have said one thing and done another--claimed certain values then voted more money for Shrub. Biafra asked us as Arizonans to get the word out about McCain not being what independents dream of him.

He specifically addressed eminent domain law, on which Arizona made a big mistake in the last election. In California the citizens spotted it and voted it down, but not here. He says we should start getting our petitions ready, so we can strike down that law in the next election.

He had one suggestion I really liked: for any given election, require an option on the ballot for NONE OF THE ABOVE. If none of the above wins, then the election must be re-run with new candidates. Perhaps this would stop us from always having to vote against someone. As Jerry Garcia pointed out years ago, if you vote for the lesser of two evils you are still voting for EVIL!

Another idea I liked was to legally limit junk mail. He said that all unsolicited mail, including telephone book offers, should be limited to the size of a 3 x 5 card. If an individual WANTS to receive mail from the offering business or agency, they check YES on the card and send it back. No unsolicited mail over 3" x 5" to be permitted. This would limit useless deforestation, AND save businesses and government tons of mula.

Biafra repeatedly mocked tabloid news of utter unimportance, and the people who devote themselves to knowing that stuff. He kept disparaging pop stars about whom I proudly know NOTHING. I appreciated that he found the same things important that I do.

He assimilates information about our situation the same way that I do. He sees the big picture and the interconnectedness. He takes in the news and then reads between the lines, looks behind the curtain, and thinks about what could be going on. Then he says it out loud. He is dramatically unpopular with because his views are so "radical". One of my friends called him "negative". Nobody seems to admit to liking him or agreeing with him, but I do. Biafra's views are nearly identical with mine. I refrain speaking them because people tend to discount me as a nutcase. So for me, it was spectacularly refreshing to hear someone speak intelligently of how he has come to many of the same conclusions that I have. This is the first time I think it has ever happened to this degree.

When we were freed for a "break" after midnight, I went to the bank to get cash, bought a CD and went home. This guy has just been added to my long list of heroes. Go Jello!
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