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Michael Greger, MD (guest lecture, nutrition week 4)

2009 Annual Review of Clinical Nutrition

This was a great presentation on new research in nutrition. If you missed the lecture, don't miss your next chance to hear this man! Even with a cold, Dr Greger delivers an entertaining and highly educational lecture. Kudos to Dr Marz for getting him here to speak to us.

every year he reads 5,000 scientific articles on nutrition so we don't have to
he compiles the interesting and relevant parts into this presentation
does it world wide, very humorous presentation
gives CD of his top 1000 studies out as prize, quizzes us throughout
lotsa laughs

one study looked at 34 common veggies and the rates of 8 cancers
many veggies helpful for some ca and not others
radishes stop gastric ca
red peppers slow prostatic ca
spinach, garlic, onion, leek, raddicio awesome vs most kinds of cancer
veggies that don't slow cancer: carrots, tomato, cucumber, potato
beets are good
use fat for carotenoid absorption: nuts, olive oil

coconut milk: bad as McDonalds for CV health (he doesn't address selenium etc)
coconut water: can be given IV
raw mushrooms: bad, cook them
baked potatoes: glycoalkaloids, much consumed natural toxin, #4 foodcrop in world
sweet potatoes: good for ya
top good foods: apples, almonds, broccoli, spinach, sweet potatoes
gluten: celiac in 1:133, otherwise helpful, good aa's (protein source)
gluten intolerance = ??? science is limited
chlorella: (formerly 1997 thumbs down dt mura toxin) still harmful: neurotoxins
chlorella contains BMAA: in algae and alzheimer's
spirulina: hepatotoxins-->liver failure
mangosteen juice: harmful, lactic acidosis, also pricey
star fruit: harmful dt oxalate content (like drinking antifreeze hurts kidneys)
tofu: improves cognition except in Indonesia where it contains formaldehyde
soy: decrease sperm concentration but not count, soy incr production of ejac fluid
fish: contain xenoestrogens that hurt sperm, (phytoestrogens don't hurt sperm prod)

USDA parasite game: how infested is the national herd??
beef contains sarcocysts: fed beef to dog and infx is near universal (95% ish)
lamb chops and toxoplasma: 1/6 lambs infected, 10% of Americans infected, causes hydrocephalus
preg women must eat well-done meat
fish is the one animal more contaminated than chicken in the grocery store (fecal matter)
poultry containing fecal residue: 92% (cook the crap out of it)
roasting-->heterocyclic amines forms from high temp cooking of muscle meat
high cancer rate in folks eating well done meat, lower in those eating rare meat
central tremor 20x more risk in men who eat most meat
20 years cigs 13x lung cancer risk
children have most aromatic hydrocarbons dt smokers and meat intake esp grilled
chicken breast most carcinogenic
coffee NOT carcinogenic
cholera from oysters
worms from sushi
USDA hand washing compliance in restaurants: 0
tropical fish contain neurotoxins not killed by cooking, reversal of hot/cold sensation then sexually transmitted dz

can't feed bone meal to organic animals
grass fed beef less saturated fat but more than any veg

scumboid poisoning??
cell phones do cause brain cancer
kids 7x more likely to get brain cancer eating 1 hot dog/week relative to cell ca
diet is #1 cause of cancer!!
total meat intake related to all kinds of cancer
74% of humans have ABs to bovine leukemia virus dt meat exposure incl handling
butcher's warts, butcher's wives more cx ca
cats, dogs, rodents as pets decrease cancer risk
handling cows and pigs increase cancer risk
mate increases cancer risk
cocoa decreases cancer risk: cacao bean solids great for you, avoid sug, fat, processing

optimum duration: 7 hours for longevity
stroke, CV, CA risk
risks increase above and below

1-2 drinks/day
reduces heart dz risk
increases cancer risk
increases hemorrhagic stroke and decreases thrombotic stroke
moderate alc intake for healthy person doesn't change longevity
(healthy defined as exercises 30 mins, nonsmoker, eats 1+ fruit/veg/day)

heart rate variability
normal: pulse speeds up on inhale, slows on exhale
if it doesn't do that, you're not going to live long
how can you improve heart rate variability:
1/2 serving greens/day sig inproves neuronal heart control, cuts MI risk by 67%

salt raises BP
keep Na intake under 50mg/day
chicken contains high sodium from injection of salt water

increase intake to lower BP, wt, waist circumference
and increase nutrient intake
vitamin B, copper

causes heart dz, dm liver inflam
avoid all #4, hard clear #7
safest: #2, #5
use glass or stainless
Eden food can liners not so bad (BPA free)

over 30 obese
20-25 normal
28.8 average in US 2009
flexatarian (eats meat once a month) are still overweight
pure vegetarians: still overweight
vegans: average within ideal weight
vegans exercise less than meat eaters
CPT shoves fat into furnaces, veg diet causes upreg of CPT1A

Rosiglitazone incr heart failure, MI, fx with DM2
diet can reverse DM2
16 days of veg flex diet half can quit insulin, half need half old dose
a year-->reversal of dz

n = .5 million
meat intake assoc with total incr mort, cancer mort, and CV mort
need major reduction in meat intake

60% of vegans are deficient in B12
not taking supps
vegetarian's myelopathy
must supplement!!

don't eat shark, high PCB content
DDT also concentrates in food chain
tuna: mercury toxicity measured in umbilical blood, lowers IQ
millions poisoned, lowered IQ-->lowered productivity
mercury in adults: hair loss, memory loss, slurred speech
neurobehavioral performance of fish eaters sig lower
amalgam fillings
eating 1 can tuna/week = like living with 29 fillings
mercury also in animals fed fish meal: chicken is worst, cheese also
organochlorine, lead, mercury in veg diets
because fish meal fed to livestock, it's in cheese, milk, eggs
polylipophilic organic polultants (plop) such as pesticides, polychlorinated dibenzo-dioxins, dibenzofurans, polychlorinated biphenyls, polybrominated compounds
distilled has no heavy metals and industrial toxins
toxic levels of vitamin A-->liver damage

cigs have lots
toppers: antiperspirant
food source is worst: cheese, because diary industry adds aluminum salts
SALP emulsifying salts up to 3$ in pasteurized process cheese per FDA
makes it soft and sliceable
one cheese sandwich = 12 vaccines
shellfish have highest natural levels

for longevity: no effect on CV dz, CA, etc

dangerous, ferrotoxins-->CA
incr Alz, Parkinson's stroke
1/20 menstruating women in US have IDA
eat vit c containing foods with meals
men should avoid iron absorption

men need more zinc dt loss in ejaculate
loose one nut's worth of zinc in one ejaculate
pumpkin seeds

multi-->no change in lifespan
lutein, lycopene, selenium: which incr CA risk? lutein

acne affected by dairy, hormones
most hormones in buttermilk, next is skim
milk overall not recommended for human consumption
esp avoid in cancer
bone density in vegans vs omnivores: same
dairy is #1 source of calcium and sat fat in US diet
eat low oxalate leafy greens

1 egg/day-->higher mort
J David Spence says eat all the eggs you want
IF you are dying from terminal illness
heart failure assoc with lower whole grain intake
egg consumption and typ 2DM
cause of atherosclerosis: high chol
according to William C Roberts
heart attack proof levels: LDL under 70
choice: statins or veg/fruit eater (vegan), no flesh, no sat fat
HOW TO REVERSE HEART DZ: angina pectoris and atherosclerotic risk factors in the multisite cardiac lifestyle intervention program

vegan better than SAD for cancer tx
vegan blood dripped on ca cells suppresses cancer growth 70%
8x less hospitable to ca
diet and exercise helps too

more omega 3, more lignans
more fiber

starved rabbits have more white meat

smoking shortens them
120 food items studied
2 accelerate shortening/aging: processed meat, non-fried fish
which ones help with longevity the most?? he didn't say, other than vegan
raw except for potatoes
the study::::
increased telomerase activity and comprehensive lifestyle changes: a pilot study
enzyme telomerase in bristlecone pine, boosted via vegan diet in 3 mo

eat veggies any way you can get them down

only non-muscle food with heterocyclic amines
pancreatic cancer rates much increased

he recommends algae-based DHA
krill? he doesn't know

fruit and veg intake assoc with Parkinson's dt pesticides
hypospadias higher in vegetarians
organic makes the difference: organic eaters don't have higher birth defect rate
a particular fungicide is incriminated

linear relationship between animal protein and cancer
Cornell, Prof Madras
rat work

he has been vegan for 19 years
"college vegans" living on french fries and beer
in UK they do it for animal rights reasons
in US for health reasons
in children: old studies macrobiotic-->slower growth

stop mate
cut back on meat-->goal: "flexatarian"
stop buying eggs
get krill oil
eat more veggies
only organic veggies
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