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Homeopathy: Arsenicum

ARSENICUM quiz answers
agg 12-2
burning pain betetr heat
easily exhausted, prostated
fear of robbers
despair of recovery
critical, censorious
dc scanty acrid offensive
gastroenteritis with d & v same time
craves fat lemon whiskey
restlessness and great anxiety

used in acutes
late stage or serious illnesses
esp for dying pts
used to help with euthanasia
for letting go of fear and anxiety
gastroenteritis, food poisoning (30C preventative)
lots of weakness, out of proportion to pathology
for people who are sicker than they should be

world is dangerous
vulnerable, responds with self-protective action, mb manipulative
need protection
has money, marries for money, live in gated community, have best docs
fear of: being alone, robbers, disease, cancer, suffering, dark, poverty
fear of: starvation, dying, ghosts, elevators, poisoning (may not take remedy)
anxious, fearful (psoric in all remedies, but this also syphylitic)
torment, mistrust, paranoia, despair
panic attacks, can't be alone, dependent on others to feel secure
desires: company

fastidious, dressed to a T, fine clothes, rolls royce, gold tipped cane
orderly, neat, pathological neatnik can't relax, house in perfect order
may have medical records in binder, organized
tidiness as compensation for inability to control world

self-indulgent, greedy, stingy, miserly, suspicious
anxious for others out of self interest
demanding, may take over interview, doesn't trust docs who say you're OK
(mainly syphylitic in illnesses, destructive, CA, severe)
bad dreams: cancer, misfortune, robbers
restless, pace, fidget, twitch
mind-rest-cannot unless things are in proper place
sensitive to odors, untidiness, sounds
some are closed, suspicious
mb critical, contemptuous
easily offended

cruel "cheerful at misfortune of others"
impulsive: murder, suicide
delusions: everything she touches is contaminated, everyone is looking at her, has murdered
many on antidepressants, tranquilizers
fear to be left alone lest he should injure himself
suicidal thoughts by hanging, knife
kill-desires to be stabbed in the heart
worse at night, insomnia, weak, restless, fearful, chilly at night
inner destructive tendency
emaciation, anorexia
ailments from drinking alcohol, neurotic smoking
feeling bad, worrying about cancer

agg at midnight
very chilly
R sided
craves sour (lemon), fat, alcohol (hard liquor)
thirsty for frequent sips esp warm drinks
inflammations, ulcerations anywhere
burning pains better from heat
tendency to bleed
discharges scanty, thin, acrid, offensive
worse: cold, cold drinks, eating, night, physical exertion
better: warm, warm applications, company

colds, sinus, bronchitis, etc
asthma worse at night with anxiety

stomach CA worse cold drinks
loose stool, burning, offensive
IBS, colitis
liver probs
retching vomiting and diarrhea simultaneously
eating a little sets it off again
burning anus
chilly and weak
dysentery, weak, pallor, anxious
diarrhea from lots of things
ANOREXIA main remedy
despair of recovery

to ease the fear of passing
and perhaps the sx
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