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Homepathy: Lycopodium

dictatorial, easily offended, dyslexia, fear of marriage
craves sweets, worse fasting, desire open air amel, fear of the dark, sleep R side
worse on waking and 4-8pm, strongly R sided, easy satiety
R ov cyst, enjoyment absent during coition, swelling mammae before menses, premature ejaculation
bloating after eating, hx of hep or gall prob, sensitive to clothing at abdomen, premature graying of hair

from spores of club moss
deep acting, one of top 3 polycrests (calc carb, lyc, sulph)
esp affects GI, GU, genitals, LI, also affects mucus memb, skin, lungs
constitutional remedy: infants born with this temperament are wrinkled, colic/constip, anxious/fearful/irritable
anxious, nervous
anxious re: decisions, can't make up mind
seen more in pts doing mental work, professionals, politicians
usu not athletic, don't readily exercise
keen intellect, weak physically
ailments from fright, mortification, anger
face wrinkled, sallow, emaciated, esp forehead, frown
head mb large
emaciates from top down--pear shaped physique
premature graying, baldness
vomiting after bad dreams

essence per Vithoulkas: haughty, braggart, dictatorial
or low confidence but not expressing this way, per Elmore
outer self assurance, inner cowardice
deep but hidden fear of failure
crave power
concerned with image
self conscious
hates to be watched
conscientious and orderly
cant stand to be corrected, opposed, contradicted
hate confrontation
cowardice, bluffer or meek (two types), sense of inadequacy, chicken
craves power, nice to superiors, not so nice to inferiors
name dropper, wants to impress, dressed for success, smooth talker
politicians, teachers, cops
tends to be in head: academics, law, medicine (less labor)
contradiction agg, intolerant of contradiction
offended easily
don't like to be questioned
may be cocky, arrogant, bossy, dictatorial, controlling
wrinkled forehead, vertical brow crease correl with GI dysfx
*early graying
premature or male pattern baldness
quick to contradict and criticize others
fragile ego

low self confidence well hidden
anxious before an ordeal
self conscious, hides it
hate public speaking but gives good presentation
fears: being alone (wants someone in house but don't want to be too close)
fears: failure, breaking down under stress, death, dark, ghosts, closed spaces
fears affect GI: (anguish = fear felt in hollow organ per Eizayaga)
memory mb weak, confused thoughts
fear on waking
fear of intimacy, commitment, comes up in relationships
fear of being seen, known
can't stand to be watched
fear of marriage, fine with one night stands
restless, worse initial movement, continued moving amel
fears: heights, mistakes, public speaking, rape, robbery, about health

emotions not so deep
stingy, avarice, miserly
unknowing selfishness
unaware of trespassing, hurting others
"just taking care of #1"
superficial relationships, avoiding relationship with family
may leave spouse and children, lack of commitment
hx of infidelity, one night stands
sudden sexual thoughts
desire for gratification without commitment, sexual conquests
worse after sex
in relationship sexual tends twd sexual dysfx:
premature ejac, feeble erect, impotency
women mb unable to let go, orgasm, dry vagina, burning pain
averse to coition, no pain, no orgasm
strong desire without sexual power
sexual dysfx: mb lack of enjoyment/orgasm in female, premature ejac of loss of erection in male
performance anxiety
hx of promiscuity, brags of conquest, macho
sensitive, selfishly: insensitive to people they are close to, sharp, angry, critical of family
has affairs, divorce, clueless when dumped
sudden strong sexual thoughts, impulsive seduction

gerd, vomiting, bowels constip, discomfort after eating, D, IBS
stool hard then soft to runny
emaciation, dryness
many pathologies head to toe
bladder kidneys
mucus membranes
craves: sweets
agg: gas, beans, cabbage family, cauliflower, brocc
irritable, PMS, liver
worse morning (common with liver remedies)
restless sleep on R side
rumbling GI, burping, farting, pains, ripping, cutting, constip before menses, distension
likes warm drinks, better from warm drinks, sore throat better
gall cnxn: R sided pains (confirmation if gallb removed or hx)
*fear of being alone, want someone in house, in next room, not interacting
(*phos needs company and wants engagement)
stingy, miserly, lousy tipper unless being watched
sentimental, weeping when thanked, tearing up
sensitive to pain
blood sugar remedy: phos, lyc, one more
babies colicky, sensitive, fussy
worse after eating

*worse 4-8pm, late afternoon, mb better in late pm
worse in morning, irritable on waking, wakes hungry
*R sided strongly, goes to L
OM, sore throat that goes R-->L
better from warmth
*abdomen-clothing-intolerance of: tight clothing agg, better losen belt
headache worse from hat
chilly, hates cold, but also warm and stuffy room agg
worse cold damp
likes warm applications, warm bed, warm foods and drinks
averse oysters and cold drinks
draft agg
*hunger at night on waking
sensitive over liver area, hx of hep, hemorrhoids
*dryness: mouth, vagina, skin, throat, hair
painful coition, amenorrhea in adolescence
restlessness, moving amel
worse after sex, worse after eating (avoiding intimacy?)

complexion: yellow, sallow
frowning expression
face wrinkle or twitch
inflam: sinus, otitis, thick otorrhea
eczema behind ears
chronic sinusitis
coughs, bronchitis, pneumo, R lung
*flaring of nostrils on inhalation, wavelike motion of allied nasi
sore throats better warm drinks
yellow nasal discharge or crust, snuffles, dryness, nose stopped at night
sinusitis, pain at root of nose
mouth dry without thirst, dry throat, R goes L
bad breath
difficultly swallowing, sore throats

bladder infx, enuresis in children
thin stream on urinating
nocturia, kidney stones, colic
R ov neuralgia, prob
puberty late, breasts don't enlarge
menses too soon or absent or late in puberty
amenorrhea in adolescents
lack of enjoyment in sex
constipation before menses
enlarged prostate
performance anxiety
premature ejaculation

*one foot hot, other foot cold
*cracks on heel
*sciatica on R
feet burn, must uncover them

any prob, acne, eczema, esp behind ears

oscillation between fear and agression
dyslexia, probs with math, reading
hx of colic, irritable, screaming, fear of strangers, new places, ghosts, monsters, decisions
apprehensions somatize
screaming to control parents, abuse of power
Mind-mistakes in reading, writing, adding numbers
boys timid, fearful (like puls) but more irritable, nasty
appear younger than their age, like to play with younger kids
hate school
fear of being laughed at
not hard cruel kids but kinda nasty-irritable-immature
enuresis, thumb sucking
nervous before events
likes to sleep with parent, on belly or R side
large head, small body

difficulty nursing, trouble crawling
born with jaundice
*infant cries all day, sleeps all night
wakes irritable, demands feeding

pneumo, dyspnea, asthma, dry cough
thirst for warm thinks
breasts swell, tender before menses, cysts in breast

backache better with heat
rheumatic joints, worse first motion better continued motion worse cold
low back pain
better heat
restless legs
arthritis R thumb

CASE2 lycopodium again
35yo female, remedies w/o result or w/ agg only (sensitive to remedies)
fear of relationships, intimacy, anxious re: decisions, can't make up mind
bladder & kidney infx hx
boyfriend wants commitment, she's afraid, knife on throat
knot in stomach (ever happen before?) yes every relationship
didn't know how to make friends as child
main problem in life: isolation, talked to doll as teacher
soft and gentle to get what wants
unhappy alone
when 21 mom left home, got angry
fear: robbers
fear mom dead on bed
R ov cyst
depressed after surgery, eat a lot of sweets gained 10 kg
fear of CA
school teacher, complains about work
dreams: rape, drowning, fire, war
vomits from bad dreams
walks fast in dreams but doesn't get there, wants to call but line disconnected
get close to woman friend then she gets boyfriend and is gone (prob)
2-3 years to recover from loss, weeps, looses sleep
GI problems better when break up with boyfriend
better when held
burning vagina to R kidney
better lying on R
drawing pain in neck & shoulders
headache on R
sinus pain on R
emot premenstrual
heavy menses better hot
constip during menses, and chronic, constip w/ travel
likes sun, water, mtns
sleeps on R
cold feet
when with boyfriend wants to go home
attract men then push away
had taken nux v, sep, puls, many others




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