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Herbs: Urinary Botanical Materia Medica


Arctostaphylos uva ursi = bearberry
Chimaphila = pipsissewa
Barosma = Buchu
juniper if infx dt sluggishness, small amt

PAIN MANAGEMENT via soothing mucus membranes
Althea = marshmallow, any mallow
Slippery elm
Corn silk
these don't combine well with other herbs in tincture but work well in tea


not much research
renal cellular fx tonics

research out of china
for pts in renal failure, dialysis
tonifies and improves renal fx
from Wiki here down:
P. montana, P. thunbergiana
about 20 species in genus Pueraria
family Fabaceae
vine native to southern Japan and southeast China
name comes from Japanese name for plan
sometimes called gé gēn (Chinese)
"foot-a-night vine", "mile-a-minute vine", "the vine that ate the South"
Harvard Medical School studying kudzu as way to treat alcoholic cravings
make drug from extract
mechanism unknown, something about "reward circuits of the brain"
anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial agent
daidzin = cancer preventive
genistein = antileukemic agent
isoflavone puerarin
affects neurotransmitters incl serotonin, GABA, glutamate
tx for migraine, cluster headache, allergies, diarrhea
mouse research suggests use in post-menopausal women with HTN or DM2
in Chinese med kudzu is one of the 50 fundamental herbs
used to tx tinnitus, vertigo, Wei syndrome (superficial heat near surface)

improves chronic renal problems

if dark or pus filled urine
to tighten mucosa

also good intestinal astringent
some research on use for bladder CA

urinary astringent
does everything
stops bleeding: for heavy menses, postpartum hemorrhage, fibroids, polyps
in tea formula for surface contact

beware high prot diet, eat fruit and veg

HYDRANGEA arborescens = seven barks
flowering bush, landscaping
bark of roots for chronic stone formers, dissolving stones

SOLIDAGO = goldenrod
renal tonic
improves quality of urine, reduces debris

true vs irritant
true: helps body process uric acid and move water
irritant: makes kidneys dump to get rid of it (juniper)
only use irritant in non-inflam non-acute situation
counter-irritation used for skin, in bee venom therapy, nettle stinging
counter-irritant mb used for stuck, stagnant, long term condition in GU system
definitely in tiny dose to bump things into motion


mechanism 1:
enhance perfusion to kidneys, helps with stagnant conditions, atherosclerotic
for high TGs high glucose situations
garlic = allium
hydrotherapy, exercise

mechanism 2:
alter absorption of sodium
caffeine, methylxanthines (also is counter-irritant)
large mols, big mucopolysaccharidess remain in tubules and pull water by osmosis
healthy individual drinks a lot of althea and urine gets thicker
corn silk

mechanism 3:
electrolyte balance altered by high mineral content
nourishing herbs esp in tea form
dandelion greens

CHF: use circ enhancing and a little mineral herb
chronic infx: circ and a little juniper

old term, like alterative, pushes things out
help remove waste, debris, dead cells, nitrogenous waste
hydrogogue is other category, means move water
this term no longer used and doesn't really mean much because herbs of 2 categories are same

decreased nervous input to bladder
can't tell when it's full, can't control sphincters
in paralysis pts, cord injury, often dt MVA
retain urine, never fully empty, develop infx chronic UTI
can become renal infx
catheter is usual medical tx
no easy tx
consider: renal tonics, work on pelvic stagnation
exercise: heavy thing on abdomen, breathe it up and down, helps w/ lymph flow and musc tone
herbs for chronic infx: use gentle, tea with anti-microbe and mucus memb tonic
calendula, yallow (small amount)
flavonoid herbs, beta carotene etc prevents entry of pathogens into membrane cells
not too much fruit juice (sugar overload), try dried berries,
hawthorne, elderberry, make tea of them, asai, goji, or use what's native
licorice, mint, calendula
gotu kola = centella, mucus memb tonifier
hypericum good for bedwetting and has flavonoids for mucosa, nerve anti-inflam, in tea
serenoa = saw palmetto, not favorite tea but good for kidneys and chronic inflam, stagnation
she puts in capsule
pygeum = ? from Africa, good prostate herb, for BPH and ischemia in pelvis, bladder, nerv dmg, rosaceae family
study comparing cran tabs w/ placebo-->less adhes of gram pos and neg bact
SITZ BATHS or cloth soaked in antimicrobial tea for daily washing, calendula, oregon grape, goldenseal, yarrow, witch hazel, boric acid for yeast vaginitis or diaper rash
chimaphila = antimicrobial, use in small amounts for neurogenic bladder
D-mannose? great stuff. all purpose, routine use for chronic infx pts, use acutely for pts getting 2-3 infx/yr, specif for e-coli? she says no but admits could be wrong

urinary irritability
detrusor overactvitiy
pts with allergies, atopic, kids with bedwetting (enuresis)
pts with nervous irritability dt nerve injury
causes poor sleep
mb mysterious
if allergies: tx allergies, hayfever, asthma, eczema, sensitivity to soap, perfume
nutrit, antiox, EFAs, clean up diet no food chems, touchy intestines consider food sensit
prostate irrit often dt benzoates, preservative in soft drinks, salad dressings, sauces
diet diary, migraine sx, bowel sx, keep track of urination patterns
herbs for allergy
ephedra, tanacetum (feverfew), ginkgo, angelica
anti-allergy protocol: definitely develop one
???petasites = butterbur
if no evidence of allergic phenomenon then think nerves
stress, anxiety, type A, uptight, sympthetic overdrive
tx with nervines, antispasmodics
kava (not long term, mb habit forming?) best bladder anodyne, relax spasms
kava decr nerve excitability via ionic channels, decreases potassium channel activity
B vits
calendula, althea, kava combo tea for occasional spastic bladder attack
other mechanisms
if not allergic or nervous
consider neurotransmitters: serotonin, L-tryptophan
urinary epithelium releases neurotransmitters dt distension
consider associated emotional complaints, fibromyalgia
allopathic use: anticholinergics
herbs with this fx are toxic: bell, conium
drying, decr m spasm, work for urinary spasm, use in severe acutes only
beware of wrong dose, use drops only
also in research: botox in bladder
ST JW for bedwetting best as tea during day not at bedtime
urinary tonics and astringents: serenoa, agrimony, solidago

kava is most aggressive, powerful, but mb too druglike, can bother mouth
dioscorrea (??named for Greek physician Dioscorides of 1st century AD??)
kella = ammi visnaga, bronchial antispasm, also bladder and ureters
umbels: parsley, anise, etc, kella in this family, all are anti-inflam
for acute renal colic

AVOID with overactive bladder
caffeine any amount
hot spices, capsicum

usu acute, unbearable pain
flank CVA pain to groin follows ureter path
to pass stone use antispasmodics and demulcent
relax ureter with kava: dropper every 15 mins, pt-->wet noodle, up to 5-6 hrs
kava is hot herb, if not help in that time then refer, oral irritation poss w/ longer use
althea tea: coat stone with mucilage, this is her favorite demulcent for urinary tract
asparagine sim to glycosamine glycans-->GAGs prob help regenerate urinary mucosa
corn silk tincture better than dried, mb pesticide laden so beware source
consider astringe with agrimony
she used to send pts to ER but now helps them pass stones without hospital help
if large visible stone on US then need surgery or lithotripsy

ETIO: ??, autoimmune, auto-intoxication--leaky bladder, allergies
Sx: like UTI but sterile urine, mucosa mb ulcerated, scarred, fibrotic, cystic
Labs: none yet, looking at inflam, IL6, lack of specific diagnostic markers
EOS are usu elevated in bladder but there's no good lab test for it
Allo tx: physical stretching via hydrodistension to break adhesions
Allo tx: DMSO in bladder, polysulphate drug pentazoan
SULFUR in various forms helps IC, acts as cross linker of collagen
natural sources: broccoli, brussel sprouts, cauliflower, cabbage
asparagine in althea contains sulfur
GLUCOSAMINE SULFATE seems to help IC in her practice, 3-6mo to imrpv
althea tea, slippery elm, corn silk, coatings help reduce sensitivity
bromelain contains sulfur, used to decr pain & swell post surgical and for GI
renal tonics: calendula, flavonoids, mb astringents if lots of pus/blood
MANNOSE decr adhesion of bact to urinary epithelium
mannose coats glycoprotein receptors where E coli tries to dock
can't doc, toxin not there, tight junctions not damaged
if allergies try anti-allergy protocol, mast cell stabilizers
mast cell stabilizers: feverfew, tanacetum, glycyrrhiza, ginkgo, allium
vistoril med has been used for IC pts
ganoderma, astragalus, ginseng to modulate excessive immune response
stress sx correlate with IC, tx with nervines
UMBELS: kella/ammi visnaga for asthma
because stabilizes mast cells, lower histamine release
fennel, angelica, parsley/petroselinum
all good for urinary pain and spasm, conium poss
apium for sharp sticking pains
*cromolyn sodium (intol brand) is khella derivative inhaler (ammi visnaga)(she likes)
CENTELLA for healing ulcers, in tea
enhance hyaluronic acid strengthen basement membranes
KAVA for temporary calming of bladder, need tincture or pill dose, tea not enought
ALLIUM contains sulfur, protects vs injury, degen, toxins, ischemia, bladder CA
onions and garlic, pills or tincture, or in all your foods
EUPATORIUM = AGRIMONY, in folklore but not research, for chronic stones, urinary pain, poor renal fx, chronic bladder complaints, not antimicrob, more regenerative, two studies show cell to cell adhesion via integrin supported, for leaky bladder
ALKALINIZE URINE by potassium or sodium citrate, 4grams/4hours
some antimicrobials alkalinize (uva ursi, hydrastis) discourage pathogens by pH
vegetarian diet
DEMULCENTS: althea contains asparagine, ulmus, symphytum
ASPARAGUS: contains asparagine and sulfur, affinity for urine
ALTERATIVES: burdock, uva ursi, berberis for urine with thick mucus or brick dust
GLUTAMINE: cheaper than mannose
also for healing leaky gut, for AI dz, Crohns, stomach ulcer, IC, prostatitis
in aloe vera bigtime, 10x what's in #2 which is in pineapples
dates, cabbage, pine bark

for ureter spasm

astringent for mucus memb
put in tea
for deep colicky lumbar pain
use if urine is full of sediment

couch grass
contains mannose

highest in glutamine by far
also high in mannose
cranberry also has mannose

found in agropyrons, aloe vera, cranberry

Macrotys = Cimicifuga = Actea

mainly known as nervine, anxiolytic, and for m/s pain
also research for urinary use
abn elevated potassium-->neuroexcitability
kava slows K channels, speculative moi for helping with bladder spasm
known anesthetic to mucosal membranes
kawain is the kavalactone that numbs membranes, mb it gets to bladder
kavalactones work sim to cocaine at gaba and glycine receptors
prevents strychnine-induced convulsions
to relax tenesmus, also drop doses of belladonna

for bedwetting both homeop and bot use
for loss of bladder tone, dribbling

specific for hormone related bph, renal calculi, elderly loss of urinary tone
for prostatitis
lots of research on effects on aromatase
liposterols have hormonal effects
Germany: "the plant catheter"
specific for urine with spasm & tenesmus
old protocol in book on her rec reading list by Weiss
withhold all drink for 24 hours
then chase with volumes of serenoa tea
supposedly short rest then "plant catheter" may get kidneys working again
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