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Grand Rounds: new Detox Protocol and Vitamin K2

Dr Jerry Schlesser to speak
into by Barbara Hunter
Dr J:
chiropractor & ND
1976 grad from national college
Laurelhurst clinic was 1st venture
went on radio talking science & nutrition, got award from AMA
wrote compendium: Medicines Abroad
into research: on ascorbic acid and breast CA, antiviral herpes drug
founded several companies: eneff formulas, pur science
she went to Vegas for natural products show, caught someone claiming his research
was on board of Bastyr 5 yrs, NCNM board chair 10 yrs
topics for today: krill oil, vitamin K2, and detoxification

Antacrtic Krill Oil
Euphasia superba - earth's most abundance life force - zooplankton
filter feeders that subsist on phytoplankton esp small diatoms
pop est at 750 million tons, 2-3x human bio mass
half eaten by whales, seals, penguins, squid, fish, birds
humans harvest 100,000 tons/yr
10-30,000 krill/meter cubed
bathypelagic = moves up and down ocean layers
live up to 6 yrs
lay thousands of eggs then descends to 3km depth where it develops from larval state
10 days down, 3 weeks up
krill feces contribute to biological pump: carbon dumped, sinks to bottom of ocean
found around south pole
Commission for conserv of Antarctic Marine Living Resources sets quota
at 100,000 tons we're catching 1/50th of catch quota for Antarctic Krill
source of stable unsat fat
stable at high temp (97.8 degrees C, close to boiling point of water) for over 48 hours
OSI = peroxide value < .05
phospholipid structure eliminates fish burp reflux
contains EPA, DHA, astaxanthin
label for decent krill incl: vit A, omga 3, epa, dha, omega 6, 9, phospholipids, astaxanthin, choline, contains crustacean

potent carotenoid that doesn't convert to vit A
100-500x antiox capacity of vit E, 10x beta carotene
stronger antiox than lutein, lycopene, tocotrienols
flavonoid structure sim to 6,8 di-c-glucosylluteolin
500mg provides approx 35 mgs choline (no choline in fish oil)
salmon roe contains astaxanthin, gives red color, protects from UV
krill eat ice algae, algae in sun can make astaxanthin
ozone hole-->UV getting in-->these species can protect from it
2009 Japan article, useful antiox and potential candidate for brain food
can't take it in evening, brain activator, take in morning
AST may cross BBB
when experiment subjects given DHA hydroperoxide (ROS)-->decrease in dopaminergic cells
dopaminergic cells are protected with pretx w/ AST

he's over 60, one thing out of range on his blood test: HDL elevated, he takes krill
RCT n=120 5 groups, A: krill @ BMI dep dose 2-3g, group B 1-1.5, group C fish oil, group D placebo. results: group taking most krill chol went down 18% LDL down 37%, HDL up 55%, TGs down 37%, group B taking lower dose: chol down 13%, LDL down 32%, HDL up 45%, after 90 days all put on .5g krill (LOW DOSE)-->far better results than fish oil group, even at 1/6 the dose
ARTICLE in J of Atherosclerosis
phospholipid-linked DHA good for you, reduces ox
out of Japan, effect of DHA on learning and fatty acids in brain
plasmalogen = lipids that fx as anti-ox
phosphatidylethanolamine has more DHA after mice fed phospholipid linked DHA
instead of DHA linked to TG (found in fish oil)
spares vitamin E levels
serum plasmalogens as dz and aging markers:
correl w/ HDL and decrease with aging
n=148 w/CAD, looked at plasmalogens
low plasmalogens with coronary stenosis, high with high HDL
choline plasmalogen ratio to ethanolamine correlates with LDL particle size
electronegative small particle LDL is baddest of all LDLs
aging assoc w/ decr in serum plasmalogens
in J of Health and Nutrit 2007
krill & jt health
CRP lowers dramatically after 7 days tx w/ krill, lowers more in another week
pain score, stiffness improved
dose 300mg
more effective than fish oil
breast tender, depress/stress, overwhelm, irrit, join pain, wt gain, abdom pn, bloat, swell
tx w/ krill --> consume less analgesics
rat study 2008
no change in HDL
time dependent inhibition of colon CA cell growth, body wts decreased
krill mb useful for
CV health, pms, arthritis, inflam, brain fx, colon health, hair, skin and nails
brain fx anecdote: engineer w/ incontinent autistic child-->huge improvement
store krill in freezer to keep odor down, "distinctively marine"

new paradigm
combo of 2 issues: chronic infx, heavy metal and other chemical burdens

Hippocrates used silver, used long BC, Greek and Rome for infx and prevent food spoilage
16th centure Paracelsus in Switz
used to tx syphillis
blue bloods of Middle Ages mbdt silver, less plague dt silver??
Russian army used silver lined containers to cleanse river water
American pioneers put silver coins in water, milk
surgical instruments formerly made of silver
silver nitrate in eyes at birth
blue man has argyria dt excessive consumption of silver
made his own concoction, tanning after ingestion sets color, change is permanent
colloidal, submicron, nano-particle
nano-particle pop these days, search on pub med for it
contact area much greater with smaller particles
2006 J of Proteome Research
short exposure of E coli to ABX-like concentration of nano-Ag
-->collapsed membrane potential and depleted intra-cell ATP
Applied Microbio 2009 small amount of nanoparticles inhibits growth of E coli-->
leakage of reducing sugars, prot, destroy bact membrane
2009 J of Biometals
antifungal vs candida albican
disrupts cell membrane, inhibits budding
2003 urr Pharm Des
infx and urinary stone dz, Ca based stones
silver coating on catheters may stop infx
alters intestinal reg of oxalate
by reintroducting lactic acid bacteria, prevent Ca based stones
2008 silver and dermatophytes
silver beats drugs for tx of fungus
silver action found sim to amphotericin B and superior to fluconazole
also has an effect on mycelia (what?)
tested so far on: MRSA, E Coli, Staph aureus, Anthrax, Borrelia, Lyme
3 silvers tested using AOAC methods
two types heavily promoted in naturopathic community
the one not promoted has the best kill times: what is it?
not all silver products are the same
hard to get nanoparticle silver
lactic acid bacteria are only ones to thrive in presence of silver
these bacteria reduce silver particle size-->nanoparticles
silver mb administered virtually anywhere: aerosolized, injected, po
IV done outside US

very common
implicated in chronic dz and aging
his list of bugs:
group a strep, look up PANDAS, porphyromaonas, tannerella, prevotella
PANDAS = Pediatric Autoimmune Neuropsychiatric Disorders Associated with Streptococcal Infections. The term is used to describe a subset of children who have Obsessive Compulsive Disorder (OCD) and/or tic disorders such as Tourette's Syndrome, and in whom symptoms worsen following strep. infections such as "Strep throat" and Scarlet Fever.
ticks: borrelia, bartonella, ehrlichia, babesia
HSV, CMV, HPV, Hep B/C/E, Coxsackie, HHV6, parvo B19, HIV
nanobact, mycoplasma, helicobact, chlamydia, prions, SIBO
arthritis, fibromyalgia, CFS, CV, GI dz, cognition, PANDAS
"silver will be your friend"
people who have parasites don't have allergies

silver as cure for induced cancer
injected into CA caused by papilloma virus in rabbit, photos show shrinkage
nothing published yet

registry comparing air quality around certain schools
tap water quality report
data from 42 states, 39,751 water systems
in water: 140 contaminants that have no enforceable safety limits
unregulated chems: ag, urban, industrial, water tx
EWG environmental working group
EPA not doing great 600 chems in tap water byproducts of disinfection
82 unregulated pharmaceuticals and personal care prods in rivers/streams
fewer than 20% of chems have safety standarsd
coal fired power plants: sulfates, nitrates, mercury into air
linked to 20,000 premature deaths/year
10% of women have mercury enough to hurt fetus 2003 CDC
cement manufacturing is major source of unreg airborne mercury

form where volcanic rocks react w/ groundwater, microporous
may be contaminated by heavy metals by that contact (or not)
aluminosilicates that crystallized
distinct internal framework: many pores where things may bind, "molecular cage"
3d crystalline lattice, enormous sfc area, 800 m2/gm, can fx as sieve
detox by trapping free radicals, lead, mercury
charge attracts cations: esp lead, selective for heavy metals
order of affinity for zeolite: Hg, Pb, Sn, Cd, As, Al, Sb, Ni
clinoptilolite = a common natural zeolite
CEC = cation exchange capacity = 2.16 Meq/g
compared to DMPS and DMSA: acid-base chelators
loose affinity for heavy metals
"a bit lazy about what they do" might drop off heavy metals
also strip out other metals
beware of what you buy
mass market zeolite maybe not so good
may help eliminate nitrosamines
(carcinogenic from meats, cigs, beer, link to panc, gast, colon CA)
used to tx diarrhea, encourages nutrient absorption, feed efficiency, captures ammonium ions
may alter T-cells
J Alz Dz 2009 on nitrosamines: DM, Alz, Park mbdt exposure
parallel exposure to nitrates, nitrites, nitrosamines via processed, preserved food
want to eliminate nitrites in food, reduce nitrates in fertilizer
zeolite natural, passes out of body, selective for heavy metals
absorbed in nanoparticle form via GI

extends antimicrobial ectivity
oral silver-loaded zeolite for infx
provocation dose given to an autistic 7 yr old gets major elimination
uses this combo to tx alzheimers, parkinsons, autism, RA, etc etc etc

impact on bone mineral density
present in leafy greens
K1 = phylloquinone monounsat
K2 = polyunsat
best source of K2: natto, intense food, strong ammonia odor, glue like consistency
spinach comparison 1996, adding butter helps with carotenoid absorption
menaquinone-4 = K1
osteocalcin changes when bound to Ca
K imp to manufacture of clotting factors 2, 7, 9, 10, prots C & S
drugs-->vit K def: salicylates, anticonvulsants, barbiturates,
mineral oil, cholestyramine, hepatotox also cause deficiency
chronic vit K def-->vascular calcifications and osteoporosis
matrix gla protein - strongest known inhib of arterial calcification
oxidized vit K is recycled by vit E
coumadins inhibit VKOR, not carboxylation
vit K inhibited-->growth plate calcifications (warfarin)
menaquinone-7 = MK-7, stable at room temp
K2 half life much longer than K1
gamma carboxylation of glutamyl residues catalyzed by k dep enzyme
GLA metal binding properties, bridge to maintain prot conformation
genetic polymorphism influences dietary needs
some pts w/ low riboflavin intake-->more osteoporosis
Japan high natto consumption-->less fx
natto = soy product, but other soy products don't have this effect
soy prot not affect BMD
Ca and vit D not enough for bone health
Ca supp-->more CV events 2008 study
K1 and BMD: 2003 no diff at lumbar spine unless vit D also given
K1 not well absorbed, takes 1 year to begin to change bone
K2 no loss of bone strength in postmenopausal women: decrease in bone turnover
osteoporosis correlates wtih vascular calcification "assoc of bone mineral density"
K2 effect on VSMCs = preferential uptake by vascular smooth muscle cells
K2 regresses vacular calcifications
matrix gla prot discovered in 1983
when you knock it out matrix gla prot mice die in 6 wks dt aortic calcification & rupture
K2 to extrahepatic tissue
coumarin antagnoizes vit K
warfarin induces arterial calcification
calcium score
aortic calcification predisposes to hip fx, Denmark study
arterial stiffness assoc w/ osteoporosis
salicylates and warfaine antag vit K: inhibits DTT dependent reductases which mediate reduction of vit K epoxide and vit K quinone,
NADH dep reductase and vit K dep carboxylase not inhibited
*topical analgesics with methy salicylate does it too (ben gay)
best supp: long chain, high MK-7 peak
Tags: antioxidants, cardiovascular, detox, fish oil, heavy metals, lipids, mercury, metals, pollution, silver, soy, vit e, vit k

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