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Prescription Drug Coverage

This federal benefit for elders is a sham. Many (dare I say most?) of the medications being prescribed for elders are unnecessary and possibly destructive. Take my mother, for example. She's on meds of her heart, blood pressure, joint pain, indigestion, and who knows what else. She is borderline diabetic. She is obese. She could correct the vast majority of her health issues by loosing the load. Less bad food and more good movement, that's her daughter's prescription. But instead of helping her to loose weight, doctors keep prescribing more pills. She is a nurse and respects doctors. She will do whatever they tell her to do. If they told her to stop eating sugar and immitation sugar and crappy processed fats, she might do it. If a doctor told her to eat more vegetables, good meat and fruit...if a doc convinced her that the best solution was to get in shape, she'd live a different life. But instead she eats superfudge brownies and goes into atrial fibrillation, and they give her more pills. She won't stop eating superfudge brownies for me.

The federal benefit does not help elders. It helps the pharmaceutical companies, who make incredible profits from people who believe they must stay on a drug for the rest of their lives. The medical community doesn't offer cures, you just take a pill FOREVER MORE. This is disgusting. Our elders are being pickled in chemicals and deprived of the health advice that would help them get better. The federal government is paying for it.

This is just one more way in which our government is controlled by corporations. The corporations are insuring their profits through our laws, and at the expense of our people. At the expense of my mother.

This is sickening.
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