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new syndicated column by Amy Goodman

If you haven't heard of her, she's the brains and spirit behind Democracy Now, a spunky radio news program that has spread via Pacifica Radio and NPR in some places (not here).

You can download her daily program here:

Here's her first weekly column:

Amy Goodman's book, Exception to the Rulers, starts with 9/11 and follows the story of the Shrub regime and their poorly-executed attempt to dominate the mideast, along with the submission of the mainstream media. But Goodman does not lower her eyes. There has already been a lot of great reporting from this lady and her crew. I look forward to seeing her column in papers. Our local paper, the Daily Sun, would just as soon ignore her. But if enough of us request her column...who knows what could happen.

Goodman's column will be titled "Breaking the Sound Barrier" and to request it our paper is to contact King Features.
Tags: 9/11, books, democracy, media, news, politics, shrub

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