liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

backpacking list and ruminations: full moon zig zag

ZigZag weather: partly cloudy, chance of rain whole time
nights in the 40's, days in the 60-70's

Internal frame pack, about 6,000 cubic inches (too big)
all my gear is too big, too heavy for backpacking
I've been car camping, river camping
make two trips if you need to
pack has four compartments, the big tube in the middle, two back flank vertical pockets, and one big top flap pocket

one man tent down the side (considered doing tarp only but weather threatens)
sleeping bag stuffed in the bottom (I have a nice sleeping bag, Feathered Friends)
two small ridge rests rolled and strapped on outside of base
food and cooking bag will go in here
clothing in pillowcase

what I'm wearing (skort, T-shirt, hoodie, socks, boots, baseball cap, shades)
what I'm carrying
spare socks
flip flops
light bottoms (synthetic)
shell bottoms
light LS shrt (sun)
rain jacket
warm hat
down jkt
down vest

epi and needle
bandaids and triple antibx goo

stove and fuel (way too big, not backpacker style at all)
2 small cookpots with lid
2 lighters
plastic mug with lid
spoon, fork
2 pkts hot chocolate
1 box zatarains beans and rice
5 lara bars
tea and emergenC pkts

swiss army knife
??where's my headlamp? I guess I don't need it the moon will be full
2 bandanas
cell phone
pen and paper
shovel and TP
dental floss, toothbrush, paste, soap, lotion (all size tiny)
3 tea lights, firestarter stick
water purification system (iodine, can't find my water filter)
fingernail clippers
plastic bottle for water treating (full at this point)
camelback watersac and watertit (2L)
something to read ("the week")
camera and spare battery

meat if we're having dogs with our beans and rice

During the adventure I will make my usual lists: 1) wisht I had, 2) didn't need, and 3) glad I brought. Then I can come back and improve upon this list. My feeling right now is that what the heck do I need all this for? And why is my bag so fricken heavy? It might be interesting to go minimalist, though it is less comfortable.
Tags: clutter, independence, lists, recreation, wilderness

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