liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Dreams: One in which I am dead

I've had this dream two nights in a row and already it is beginning to fade, but let me get down the main points.....

I am paddling with people and it is a nice day. The river is pleasant and not too hard, and I am wandering on downstream. I go over a small drop and suddenly the river concentrates and steepens and I am cascading through a boulder garden filled with 5-10 foot drops, pourover holes, and rocks everywhere. I whoop and holler my fun as I am going through it, any fear is deeply submerged. I get to the bottom and turn to watch the others come through. Everyone makes it, though the rapid is absurdly steep, dangerous, and unexpected.

can't remember connection to next dream

I am dead. I am standing there looking at myself. We put my body in a back room of the house, covered with sheets and a tarp. I live in that house with others. My computer is in one room, and my body is in the next. As I go about my day I know my body is right over there, laying supine on top of some boxes. My new body is almost like the old one, one hand doesn't seem to really even be there. I don't really care. It works fine and the missing hand is not remembered in the rest of the dream. It was my left. (my dominant hand)

next night

I am still dead. It has been a while. I look and I don't look much worse for the wear, aside from a blue spot that covers my mouth and chin, down onto the neck. It is a dark blue and just catches the edge of the upper lip, but all of the lower jaw. I don't understand the blue but I know that it is my job to paint flesh-toned makeup on myself so I look OK for the funeral.

I can't seem to do the makeup. I put it off. I dread it more and more. I don't look at myself for a long time, something like a week. Finally I am getting worried that I will rot and stink, and mention it to someone. They find someone else to do the makeup and I am greatly relieved.
Tags: body, cosmetics, death, dreams, life, river

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