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Accidental Soup from Israel and New Orleans

I'm a omnivore and opportunivore. Sometimes a cheapivore though occasionally my food makes me feel rich. Tonight I opened the fridge not wanting leftover curry again and made a soup that is so good I have to write it down. The soup itself was premade: Sweet Potato Bisque from Trader Joe's. It was the garnishes that made it delish. I added feta cheese from Israel (the brand is Pastures of Eden, also at TJ), some freshly slivered basil leaves (8 or so) and a bit of sweet red pepper chopped small. In this order: Heat soup, and leave the other ingredients cool. After the soup is hot toss on basil slivers first, then feta, then red pepper bits. Sprinkle a bit of Zatarain's creole seasoning (from New Orleans) over the top, serve. YUM. Won't be an accident the next time.

I wonder how long it will be before cheese from Israel isn't worth the shipping anymore.
Tags: cooking, farming, food, herbs, israel, louisiana, oil, the long emergency, wealth

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