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Mad As Hell Doctors

These docs are speaking for the single payer option. They make a good case. They're on a road trip across the US right now, talking about single payer in major cities as they go. I find myself sympathetic to their cause: it would work a helluva lot better than the fascist system we have currently. I guess I am a socialist libertarian. The other end of the spectrum would also work: to eliminate government interference in healthcare provision and payment, allow physicians to advertise competitive rates, remove the insurance middleman, and let the customers decide what they want and how much they are willing to pay for it. That really sounds best to me. But from where we are today, ANY substantial change would be a benefit. Even (gasp) socialism. Because what we need to do is the very most difficult thing: remove the giant financial suckhole of multinational corporate involvement from our healthcare system. Single payer would remove most of the corporate suckers. The few corporations that got the government contracts would be sitting pretty, and the rest would have to go elsewhere. None of them like that game, until it is already won. That is why they are putting so much sneaky money into preventing it.

I wish that all the fringe people of the united states could get past their differences just long enough to unseat the powers that be. It is time for the patriots of the US to rise again and say that we will not be subjected to overweening government nor forced to pay unfair taxes. The taxes that we pay are being sucked into a great corporate hole. Nobody but us will stop it. But the revolution will have to wait until the socialists and the libertarians can agree on a course of action. We are stuck in a position that will take considerable citizen effort to change. As long as we let corporations and government rule us, we hardly deserve the Constitution, Declaration of Independence, and reputation that we claim as Americans.


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Aug. 26th, 2009 11:29 pm (UTC)
Thanks for the link. On at least this issue you and I are rather close in what we think ought to be done. I'm fine honoring the founding fathers and attempting to adhere to the constitution and the bill of rights as much as possible, but even Alexander Hamilton would gasp at what America's become in the matter of corporate greed and short-sighted idiocy.
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