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Respectable Republicans Running for Office in CT, KY, SC, NM

Perhaps you thought the Republican Party was dead. Maybe you think the Ron Paul Revolution is over. Nope, not over. Not dead. There is hope for the Republican Party, but is does not lie with the assholes that bow to Rush Limbaugh. They have to go, and we are going to replace them. There are some ethical and intelligent Republicans coming into their own. We need some reasonable voices to balance the resurgent liberal wave that is sweeping congress with the dominance of the Democratic Party. Someone needs to speak for basic conservative principles---instead of the incumbent Republicans' strategy of ludricrous and pointless obstructionism.

What surprised Ron Paul on his recent presidential run was how many citizens were listening, donating, and endorsing his ideas on how to run a nation. The support for the Revolution was substantial enough to begin the process of organizing a new political force. In this fertile ground several younger and better-looking candidates (no insult intended) have begun to campaign on Constitutional government and financial responsibility. Two are doctors, two are military men, and one is an economist. Seems like it would benefit us to elect them all.

One of them is Ron Paul's son, Rand Paul. Rand is a doctor (opthamologist and surgeon) in Kentucky with three sons. He grew up in Texas, and went to Baylor U before Duke Medical School. Like his father is turning to politics because he sees the problem, and the solution, and wants to get it done. He is running for the Senate.

Another candidate who is a real Republican (instead of a conniving neocon) is Peter Schiff of Connecticut. Peter is a businessman who studied finance and economics in at UC Berkeley. He wrote a book called Crash Proof in which he predicted our current economic crash, and mapped out ways that we could weather it both individually and nationally. Unlike Obama's strategy of letting the same old guys keep running things, Peter would motivate our nation to really restructure the way our economy is managed, for the better. Peter is running for Senate for the state of Connecticut.

Mike Vasovski was a new name to me, but I am pleased to report that he is running for Congress in South Carolina. Mike's resume is impressive, including an undergrad degree from Texas A&M, and Osteopathic Medicine Degree from U. of North Texas, and a career serving willingly for the US Army Medical Corp until the 1980's. Since then he has been in private medical practice. After the recent scandal with the SC governor, I bet the state is ready for a truly ethical man in congress.

Perhaps the youngest and handomest of the lot is Adam Kokesh who is running for congress in New Mexico. Though his face is young, he has seen a lot in his few years. He went to a Native American Preparatory School in San Ysidro up until he joined the Marines, then got a degree is Psychology and Government Claremont McKenna College. In 2003 he volunteered to go to Iraq, where he was promoted and ribboned and medalled, but he was frustrated by what he experienced. He realized that “the greatest enemies of the Constitution to which I swore an oath to support and defend, are not to be found in the sands of some far off land, but rather occupying the seats of power, right here at home!”. After his honorable discharge in 2006 he went to DC to get a master's in Political Management at GWU, and became an activist. His good works are many, and regardless the outcome of this race, he will be a force for sanity in the years to come.
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