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New Light on the Crooked Politics that got Shrub Elected

It may be no surprise to you to hear that the protests that shut down the recount of votes in Florida 9 years ago were orchestrated (and manned) by the Republican party. Rachel Maddow just had a segment in which she illustrated this point by naming the front 9 protesters. Rather than being a spontaneous citizen protest, it was a collection of Republican staffers from all around who went to Florida to stop votes from being counted. It appears that MSNBC won't let me embed the segment. No wonder, they're another corporation with much to lose.

In another segment Rachel reports that the belligerent mobs currently obstructing town hall meetings on healthcare reform are also thanks to Republican/corporate organizing. It just figures. Anytime somebody is completely unreasonable and determined to shut down all conversation, it is my humble opinion that they should simply be excluded from the discussion. Because we need some of the good part of democracy there days; open discourse and compromise, instead of shouting matches and abuse.

I remain impressed with the quality of Rachel's reporting, though she doesn't admit how many of us would like to see government get smaller and spend less. Her humor when she disagrees is mocking, and she does not always recognize the legitimate argments against her own positions. She is not free of bias. But at least her bias includes a hairy eyeball toward corporations and government. I'm glad she's keeping an eye on them.

There's a link to her show on the left column of this blog, if you feel inclined to peek.
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