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Cleaning House, Body, Mind

I'm feeling so relaxed with the exam behind me and nothing that I must study for. This experience has confirmed that I am quite literally anal retentive. I have shat more in the 17 hours since the end of the exam than I did in the week prior. Wow. I had no idea that stress could back me up so badly.

I got a sample of my first morning urine to take to the lab. I'm being tested again for heavy metals. The next step is a 6 hour urine collection after taking a substantial dose of DMSA.

I slept great last night in my hobbit hole. Yep, I'm moved in to the closet which will be my bedroom. There are three closets in this apartment, and I picked the smallest one to sleep in. The biggest one is full of STUFF. And the other biggest one is adjoining the master bedroom. My new housemate will move in on Friday. We are both excited. I am so grateful to have a known friend to move in, instead of an unknown. Unknowns have sometimes turned out to be great housemates, but just as often they are really freaky people that I'd rather not actually live with. It's one thing to enjoy a person's wackiness from a distance, it's another thing entirely to live with them when they get depressed and paint the bathroom black. That really happened.

Kitten kept running around the house last night trying to sort out the change. Finally she settled in to sleep with me. I was glad she was there. I was cold. I need to get some more blankets for my hobbit hole. I'm afraid to put my sleeping bags out because the cat has peed on them before, and once that has happened, it seems certain to happen again. Mind you, she only pees on them if her box in unacceptable and she can't get outside. Which barely happens anymore, since her window crack is open just about all of the time.

OK, back on task. Wash the curtains and the sheets. Clean. Vaccuum. Return library books. Stuff to do, my list seems to easy now. =-]
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