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Another Hot One

It wasn't as hot today as it has been the last three days. I haven't slept in three nights, and I sure hope I will be able to sleep tonight. Last night I tried to sleep indoors but gave up and moved my camping bed into the basement. I crawled into my bed just before midnight and was about to drift off when Boots came home. She marched downstairs and started a load of laundry. She slammed the door on the machine before she noticed me, apologized, then stomped off. She can't walk without shaking the house. Her bedroom is immediately over the open area of the basement, and she is a night owl.

At 2:30am I got tired of listening to her creaking the floor over my head. I moved my bed setup outdoors. At 4am I went inside and chugged a jar of skullcap tea. At 6am the light came up, and I couldn't lay there anymore. I went inside and opened up the house. I turned the fans so that they were all supporting the breeze, and actually managed to blow the hot air out of the house. I went to bed indoors but it was already daylight and I couldn't settle in. So I got up and had a cup of ice coffee. I studied for a while then went to school, studied there for a while then went to PCC for my shift, and studied there until time for the shift. I already posted about the was OK.

So tomorrow is biochem review part III. Saturday and Sunday are study days. Monday another shift. Tuesday is the big exam. Wednesday I'm taking a day off.

A couple days ago I went to Oxbow Park with M and her new boyfriend. I actually like this guy, he's a LOT more interesting than her last two boyfriends. BUT I don't like the way he calls her and other women "bitch". If he calls me bitch he's going to find out what a real bitch is like. He won't like it.

Oxbow was heavenly. M has found a beach that's a little bit hard to get to, and so nobody was there. We showed up with chairs and books and bottles of wine, and took over the beach. We swam in the river and I studied, while those two had splash fights and one-up conversation. I actually covered a good bit of material.

I drove there and back in M's car. She doesn't like her boyfriend to drive, because she says "he scares me". M's driving scares ME so I refused to go unless she would let me drive. I enjoyed driving her little car. It's a Ford escort 5 speed. I don't care much for Fords, but it was nice to drive something that wasn't smoking. My truck is an embarassment, but it isn't worth fixing. I'm going to drive it until I can't anymore, and then do without a vehicle for a while. My vehicle may expire soon, because the registration is coming up, and I'll have to do another emissions test. The motor is blown, and it is burning oil and blowing smoke. I couldn't believe that it passed the emissions test two years ago. I think the sensor must have been faulty, but I didn't argue. I got another two years out of the truck because they didn't make me fix it or trash it.

Anyway after the day at the Sandy I came home and studied for a while, then rode my bike over to M's boyfriend's place where we all had food and music and more conversation. It was delightful. Oh and speaking of conversation, I really enjoyed having people over to my house last week. I might do it again. In fact, I might start throwing a regular shindig. As long as somebody shows up. I think they will. People love an excuse to party. Any excuse.

OK, back to the books. I'm drinking knock-me-out tea already this evening. I plan to swallow a knock-me-out pill if needed to get some sleep. I cannot be sleepless for an entire week before my board exam. I would not pass. I must sleep.
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