liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Portland Cooks

It doesn't get hot here often, but when it gets hot, it gets very hot. It's supposed to top 105F today in town. Yesterday it was 102. I'm in the basement with the junk and the washer/dryer right now. Soon M will pick me up and we're headed up to a swimmin' hole on the Clackamas or Sandy. I haven't been able to study much or well with the heat....but now that I've discovered that I can hang in the basement I think I'll get more done. The east side of the house is so hot I can barely stand to touch the door. I may douse it with the hose in a few minutes. But first, I must listen to some more Goljan lectures. Boards are a week from today.
Tags: climate change, oregon, portland, weather

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