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Naturopathic Physician Licensing Survives Ca Budget Cuts

California will continue to license naturopathic doctors, despite the massive budget cuts across the state. California's Bureau of Naturopathic Medicine will be replaced by a new Naturopathic Medicine Committee under the Osteopathic Board (OMBC). The licensing body for Naturopaths is safer as boards are typically more stable than bureaus. The Osteopathic Board was created by proposition and so it can only be dissolved by way of another proposition. Governor Schwartzenegger will hopefully stop beating on naturopathy, as he can claim to have shrunk government by eliminating several boards and bureaus.

The Committee will consist of 9 members in a structure identical to that of the present Advisory Council. The committee will also have its own executive officer to manage day to day functions. Two Naturopathic Doctors will be added to the 7-person Board of the OMBC.
Tags: california, licensing, naturopathy

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