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Vote for Mark Haughwout, and on Voting

I don't know this guy, but the more I learn about him the more I like him. He's a contractor here in Flagstaff, running for AZ Senate District 2 as an independent. He asserts in his candidate statement that the most important issues in Arizona, such as the impending water crisis, are being ignored or poorly handled. I couldn't agree more. His platform includes a tax break for purchases of fuel efficient autos, and eliminating property taxes entirely on primary residences. This is a great idea. He builds quality homes with high end insulation and windows, and passive solar design. Here's his website: His observations and ideas remind me of --- me. I look forward to my opportunity to meet him.

Haughwout, if elected, would be worth the proposed pay increase for legislators. Yes on 302.

PS. I was butchering his name, calling him Hogwort like the school in Harry Potter stories. My apologies to Mark. The proper pronunciation is "Howitt".

PPS. On voting, I hear that there were lines at the early voting polling place in Flagstaff yesterday. Apparently people were taking a long time to read all the propositions. YOU CANNOT MAKE GOOD DECISIONS ON THE PROPOSITIONS FROM THE BALLOT. The ballots are misleading, intentionally so. Several measures mimick other measures, esp the preservation and smoking issues, and it is impossible to know the full impact of most of the measures from the ballot language. It is absolutely necessary to look up the propositions ahead of time, if you want to vote in line with your own values. If you do not educate yourself about these issues, you will vote wrongly. The fact that people are taking a long time to read the ballots at the polling place is a terrible sign.
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