liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Spring Quarter Endnote

I took my last exam of spring term today. Phew. The only exam that I am pretty sure I did not pass is Nutrition, and I think my class average is good enough that I will pass the class anyway. My mind shut down after a sleepless night, and I just didn't test well. After I got home after the test I started to remember the answers. They were in my head, just not coming out. Today's bot med test was quite straight forward. And yesterday's pathology was hard but for some reason I test well in pathology. The only thing I'm not good at is pulling the names of rare diseases out of my skull. I can tell you all about them, it's just the name that is elusive.

Now we're headed to the Oregon coast for 3 days. To let the ocean wind blow all thoughts out of my head. My goal is to sit and watch the waves roll in, smell the salt and walk barefoot in the sand. No more. No less. Because Suz is well organized we are already mostly packed. The pug is going with us on this trip. The kitten is staying home alone for 2 nights. I hope the bully cats of the neighborhood don't come visit while we're gone. They don't come over here often, but when they do we are glad to back up our feline.
Tags: memory, nd2, oceans, oregon, shakti

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