liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Support Reauthorized and Amended Indian Health Care Act

The tribes of the land are on the ball; they have added Naturopathic Medicine to the official definition of health profession in this bill. This will allow NDs to provide care to their communities at a fraction of the cost of "modern" medicine. The bill up to bat is HR 2708, the Indian Health Care Improvement Act. It would give NDs a slot in a federal health program and set us up for participating in a federal loan repayment program. This is good news to me. I was already thinking that I might be working for a tribe somewhere. I appreciate the ferociousness of many natives I have known. Help naturopathy get a foothold where people already know the value of traditional and natural medicine, on the reservations! Contact your representative!
Tags: congress, debt, healthcare, law, medicine, natives, naturopathy, tribes

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