liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Movie: UP

Pixar's latest release...we just saw it. It's getting four stars in lots of different reviews, but in my rating system it gets a 3 or less. The story is cute: widower's house gets surrounded by city, his dead wife didn't get to do her childhood dream, he feels dissatisfied and is unwilling to "retire" in a "home". So he hooks up his house to a bunch of helium baloons and flies away, house and all, headed for South America where his dead wife's dream can be completed. Probably the best thing about the movie was the spunk of the old man. A boyscout looking for his "helping an elder" badge stows away of the flying house, and they end up having unbelievable and somewhat stupid adventures together in South America, beating the badguys by the skin of their teeth, and returning stateside to claim the coveted service to elder boyscout badge. It's touching, and the story is coherent, but it was for me too outrageous, or silly, or something. It lost me early on. I stuck through the whole show but I don't exactly recommend it. Pixar has made better movies. At least it isn't immoral.
Tags: aging, entertainment, movies, parenting

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