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Pathology: SSL's review for final quarter

Study guide for SS-L’s portion of the final for 2006

1. Female reproductive: (No questions on the uterus)

Know etiology/pathophysiology, sequelae of ovarian cysts

PCOS pathophysiology and morphology. Know that they may not have polycystic ovaries.

Ovarian cancer – incidence, % of female cancer death rate, pathogenesis,

Overall frequency of the various types by cell of origin.

Know the categories of Mullerian types – no indepth details needed (serous, endometroid and mucinous.)

Know psammoma bodies, pseudomyxoma peritonei, Brenner tumor, clinical picture/course for Mullerian tumors, CA 125 and osteopontin.

Of the germ cell tumors, only mature teratoma and dysgerminoma will be on the final

2. Male reproductive:

General trends in testicular neoplasms.

Details of seminoma, acute and chronic bacterial prostatitis, chronic abacterial prostatitis.

More in depth detail on: BPH and prostate cancer

3. Endocrine:

Minimal detail of Addison disease, pituitary adenomas

More in depth detail on Cushing syndrome, Graves disease and Hashimoto disease. For the latter two, focus on autoimmunity, microscopic and gross morphology as well as clinical aspects.

Also know in depth about papillary carcinoma.

Know in depth about DM type 1 – autoimmunity, ketoacidosis, insulin deficiency

And about type 2 – genetics, insulin resistance

For both types of diabetes know the pathophysiology of AGEs (including HgbA1c), polyol pathway and the morphology of lens, retina, kidney, arteries, nerves and the lower extremity
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