liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Have you seen the guy who put the star tattoos on the girl's face?

The young man is tattooed everywhere we can see. He has so many metal loops piercing his lower lip that he hisses when he talks. Just looking at him gives me a lot of questions and ideas about his mental status and personal history. He seems clear-headed as he speaks from behind his glasses and lip rings. He speaks English. You can get a look at him here:

I actually like the stars decorating the girl's face, though I understand her regret. I hope that she can find her inner strength to stand with herself, and be the star girl. It could take her places she never imagined. It's quite possible that she wanted the stars while in the company of this strange man, then changed her mind when she realized how upset her father was. There's no way of knowing from the little bit of news we get.
Tags: adolescence, beauty, parenting, stars

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