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Physics Bitch

I can scarcely believe the tone and content of this so-called Physics class. I just escaped. The woman wanted us to devise a way of measuring the speed of light that was different from the method of Michelson, who actually did it in the late 1800's. Of course the technologies we were supposed to use were of that era. Michelson's method was ingenious and he was awarded the 1907 Nobel Prize for it. One cocky young man got up and drew pictures on the board the spewed a load of bull about how he would do it. Made no sense scientifically. No one else in the class had a feasible way of measuring lightspeed (not an easy thing to do) so she kept us in class telling us we were to turn in our method for next class, and to figure it out while sitting there until 8:30pm. She let the bullshitter and his "group" go early, and kept the rest of us to "work on it". I refuse to turn in a load of bull and pretend that it might work. She treats us like second graders and I can barely keep myself from telling her exactly what I think of her. I am going to LAMBAST her in the teacher evals at the end of the semester. I am tempted to go to the higherups of this school immediately to tell them about the class. Unfortunately the majority of the students will say "nice" things about her because she gives out good grades. This kind of "education" is for the birds.

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