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Homeopathy Lecture: Taylor on Case Analysis, ReDosing, Drainage

print: Kents lecture on the second prescription

pulsatilla central fear: not belong to anyone
phosphorus fears isolation, dramatic attempts to connect
nat mur likes to be alone, gets drunk, lets shell down
phos doesn't
delusions he is inadequate: thuja, shut people out because think ugly inside
lost place in society: veratrum album
loganiaceae: ignacia and nux v
sulph: wants and is amel by consolation
nat mur wants consolation but is aggravated by it
phos agg by laying on left side
serous effusions and edema: apis
ledum: puffy and cool swelling
ignacia's pace is changeable, so is nux vomica
nat mur is periodic, strictly
bryonia specificity of seat for liver and serous membranes
apis and bryonia: serous membranes
ignacia: strychnine, (nux v too)
phos imp in viral gastroenteritis
phos drink lots of cold and when it warms, vomits it up
veratrum album: lost place in society, is messenger for divine
ignacia: unresolvable conflict between idealism and reality
no more room in bed: nux vomica
rags are riches: sulfur
phos: sympathetic, feels feelings of others, so does sepia
sepia shuts it down, phos can't, want to connect too much
ignacia has fixed ideas
nux v: ineffectual urging, running to toilet with UTI but can't pee
phos: excessive thirst for cold drinks, nat mur too
ignacia: phleg/choler and earth/water dyscrasias (mappa mundi)
phos has an issue with fish, not indifferent
nat mur issue with salt
ign: spasm-paralysis, paradoxical sx, oversensitivity (nux too), lump in throat w/ emot
natrum and nux v: inimical (not friendly)
diametric: ask opposite
thinks he's being poisoned: rhus tox, superstitious, delusion environment is toxic

"I want to do something really quick about analysis"
he's talking about the cases we have been analyzing
most important part is the organization of the case
must represent story not just factoids
five-six nodes, each represented once in the analysis
ie each node gets 1 really good rubric or a combination
"mama bear sized rubric" has 60-120 remedies
he suggests combining rubrics esp on radar to get good coverage for each node
"does that make sense"? (nodding quickly and peering over glasses)
he says this at least 25 times/class
Nathalie says "uh huh that makes sense"

how do you find the next remedy when the first one does not completely heal pt??
seminars present cases with miracle cures
in practice pts may need more than one
"Is that OK?" (and winks) (another of his repeating phrases)

Story: Jesus and Moses out golfing, Moses knows the course and tells jesus this fairway is difficult, not going to get hole in one, best drive will probably land in water hazard. Tiger Woods did made a hole in one but you won't. Jesus hits ball into pond as predicted. Moses parts waters and gets ball. Jesus tees up again "two words: two drives" says Moses "you're on your own". Jesus hits ball in water again, walks on water to find ball, watcher says "Who does that guy think he is, Jesus Christ?", Moses says "No, he thinks he's Tiger Woods"

golf metaphor from colleague
Simillimum means most similar substance, capital S and two l's
hole in one, seminar material
similimum not perfect match, not hole in one: need to hit ball twice to get it in the hole
how many symptoms have to match to find best match?
no simple formula
no easy way to know second best remedy

don't always have to get hole in one: OK to use a series of remedies
metaphor expands to soccer: kick to teammate, still help in getting goal
terrible thing if pt is enough better with first dose to not come back, but is not cured
always trying for hole in one
don't be sloppy--can worsen pathology, irreparable harm, death
Taylor has "never killed a pt with homeopathy"
Nat says "or they can't call you back"
he may sometimes see ball knocked off green, next remedy try to get back on the course
he gives himself 3 strikes: if they don't work at all he refers
thinks he can't get out of a rut re that case
"maybe I understand pt too well, or not at all, or I think their pathology is normal"
if after 3 he's close, he'll keep working
if he's taking a referral he sees pt first then looks through other doc's notes

what's the right time to give second prescription?
fairway is sloped upward toward the hole
perfect hit lands in hole
imperfect hit is a little closer
always wait until ball has stopped rolling
chronic cases: usu give one dose and wait
Kent: wait and wait and wait until case starts rolling back downhill, then tx again
Taylor has waited 6 months and had case resolve that late
Kent: we often act too soon and seldom wait too long
esp in N Am T says docs change prescriptions wayyy too often, don't change unless good indic
how sx come back is good guide as to next prescription
if remedy was good Simillimum, it will roll back on same track, at same angle
sx return and look like original sx
Kent says repeat same dose in this case, don't go up on potency until it stops working
rare for wrong potency not to act
if wasn't such good similimum, it will arc off to the side
different sx will appear, case has changed
in India they give placebo every visit and charge for placebo, can't charge for visit
here he says you can't get away with placebos, can't use them anymore dt internet
Taylor hates "it when they aren't getting better, I go home and cry"

what if give poor rememdy
"not very goodicum"
new sx or change in sx results
same level of concern or worse
new sx are "accessory sx", resulting from wrong remedy, "not close enoughicum"
take new sx with original case to guide for new remedy
ie: can use accessory sx for next repetoirization

sometimes case is one sided
only a couple of remedies
only a couple of rubrics
take best remedy and try it
prob a big remedy with good representation
give to "clear the case" he says this is a bad term
give it to get a reaction: so you can use accessory sx to repertorize
new sx may be very difficult for pt

from organopathy
remedies given on different indications
pathology of particular organ
concept: draining toxins from organs
layered model of practice
lesional layer superficial
functional layer
miasmatic terrain layer (not same as homeopathic miasms)
constitutional layer
address lesional first (base on local pathologies and organ affinities, usu 2-3 remedies)
when that resolves, address functional (modalities, sensations, mental/emotional sx)
then miasmatic terrain (under dz process, always tx with nosode of chronic miasm)
then constitution layer (addressed by 10-12 large polychrest remedies)
goal is not to change constit layer, its immutable and pre-dz, goal is to stabilize
to avoid future pathology
model by Leon Vannier
undas are proprietary, developed by Vannier

in homeopathic philosophy don't posit a separation of organism into layers

1980's Fransisco Eizayaga of Argentinia adopts this model
he taught at NCNM, influenced the faculty here
used this model in less rigid way
see where in layers does the case fall--like Taylor's triangle
doesn't focus on lesions first

onion model
he's putting old stuff on the inside
adolescent rebellion and acne
work from outside in
as progress old stuff re-expressed
Taylor doesn't agree that life layers on the surface of us
he thinks we are like chocolate milk, once mixed you can't separate

"Is this a start?"
"Does this feel good?"
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