liveonearth (liveonearth) wrote,

Three out of Four Docs would Refuse Chemotherapy

That's right. According to this oncologist 75% of docs would prefer "alternative" treatments to the destruction of chemotherapy and radiation. And yet here in America, if you choose to refuse chemo for your child, the courts may well decide to take your child away from you and force chemo on him against his wishes. How messed up is that? Our courts are definitely in way over their heads when they start forcing medical care on children and calling parents criminals when they decide to do something other than what their doctor recommends.

If I had cancer, personally who would give all my attention and energy to alternative therapies and forgo chemo UNLESS I had new information and a compelling reason to be it would be effective for a particular cancer. There are situations that are more and less responsive to chemo. And there are things you can do to minimize the horrible side effects. So I still am unwilling to say that the dosing to toxic chemicals to kill dividing cells should be trashed. There are times when it could be useful. Even though it sounds stupid and wrong.
Tags: america, cancer, law, medicine, parenting

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