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Midtern Election Update: the Propositions

Here is my YES list: 101, 106, 200, 201, 202, 204, 205, 302.
NO on the rest.
Emphatically NO on: 105, 107, 206, 207, 301.

100 NO? - No bail for illegal immigrants who commit "serious felony offenses" because they flee. Lots of props are taking advantage of the anti-immigrant atmosphere. I am rethinking this one because a friend argues that keeping them in custody would allow us to get them deported. One of the letters in support, however, says that this change would allow us to keep criminals and try them here, INSTEAD of them running home or getting deported. Makes more sense to me to deport illegal immigrant criminals than to keep them here to prosecute them. Trying them just costs us money. If they don't belong to us, send them away. If the criminals DO belong to us, rehab them. Keeping them in custody costs us money. I would prefer to see a prop that said "Immediate Deportation" for illegals convicted of any crime at all. What do you think?
101 YES - Protect homeowners from increasing property taxes.
102 NO - Would prevent illegal aliens from receiving punitive damages. Tempting because there is already too much litigation, however this is not fair or right. We need to deal with illegal residents without stripping them of human rights.
103 NO? - I'm rethinking this one. I do believe that having an official language is necessary and reasonable. I fear that this bill is only another foothold for xenophobes rather than being a substantive improvement to our existing law. Will check.
104 NO - No more allocating public debt to road building & copshops.
105 NO - This is the bogus copycat of 106. Looks just like it on the ballot.
106 YES - Preservation!
107 NO - Keep bennies for unwed partners.
200 YES - Increase votership with lottery, I'm willing to try anything at this point.
201 YES - No smoking in public areas.
202 YES - Minimum wage increase. ( opposition to 202 is all corporate restaurants)
203 NO - Still not fair, and we need broader healthcare.
204 YES - Be good to the pigs.
205 YES - Elections by mail to increase votership, worked in Oregon.
206 NO - This is RJ Reynolds trying to override our local smoking bans. Looks just like 201 on the ballot.
207 NO - Eminent domain: sneaky and wrong.
300 NO - Anti-immigrant again. Another one that tries to undermine their personhood.
301 NO - This is the bill that would deny probation to meth offenders.
302 YES - Salary increase for state legislators.
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