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Soy is Not Health Food (especially for men)

This is a true story of a military man who grew breasts and went to four doctors before someone figured out that his soymilk habit was the problem. A case report on his condition was published in the May/June 2008 issue Endocrine Practice. The article also addresses the popular conception that soy is "healthy", and the fact that soy products are used in infant formulas--to the detriment of the developing children.

--the military man in question was drinking 3 quarts/day of soy milk
--research suggests that soy may extend life
--1999, soy protein earned FDA-allowed health claim: "Diets that include 25 grams—about a pound of tofu--a day may reduce the risk of heart disease."
--soy is in most everthing, including Ensure

--some studies show soy may protect against prostate cancer
--soy contains phytoestrogens: genistein and daidzein
--theor has it these chems are plant defenses vs fungi or grazers
--some studies suggest that even 25gms/day may "feminize" hormones
--cheap and vegetarian

--35% of bottle-fed babies in US get some prot from soy
--American Academy of Pediatrics (AAP) recommends cow's milk over soy for 1st alternative to breast milk
--the medical necessity that sometimes indicates use of soy for infants: lactose intolerance
--Paul Cooke, Ph.D., reproductive biologist at University of Illinois
--studies mice on enough genistein to make their blood levels same as infants on soy formula
--worrisome findings incl: shrinkage of thymus gland, where WBC's mature
--2001 JAMA study: 800 adults, ages 20-34 who were fed either soy or cowmilk formula
--differences: soy group has more asthma and takes more allergy meds
--2005 Israel's health ministry recommended that soy products be limited in kids and avoided for infants
--France, New Zealand, and Australia have already made such statements

--weighlifters are major market for soy protein
--William Kraemer, Ph.D., a prof of kinesiology
--researcher of strength training and human performance at University of Connecticut
--he observes that soy powder in juice is how many athletes take in soy
--labels say it builds muscle
--protein powders usu are: soy, whey, and casein
--whey and casein cost more than soy
--2005 study in Journal of Nutrition, researchers compare soy to casein
--conclusion: soy biologically less valuable to humans than casein
--more soy degraded to urea, and it contributes to less protein synthesis
--whey has more robust bio effects than soy
--soy might decrease test and increase estradiol

--Harvard study published last year in the journal Human Reproduction
--Jorge E. Chavarro, M.D., Sc.D.
--assoc btw soy consumption in men and decreased sperm counts
--high soy intake category averaged 32% fewer sperm/ml of ejaculate than soy-free men

--2 other papers say that at least one soy component impairs erectile function in animals
--published in the Journal of Andrology and Urology respectively
--effect of daidzein on the sexual function of male rats
--moderate doses given in youth or adulthood of rats
--either way erections were affected
--daidzein-exposed males produced less testosterone, had softer erections, and experienced biochemical changes to their penile tissues that left these tissues less elastic/engorgable
--animal studies don't tell the human story, but researchers think these findings may apply
--there's 10% higher incidence of ED in Chinese men who eat lots of soy compared to Americans who eat none
--Urology study authors concurred
--Yufeng Huang, M.D., coauthor on both papers
--dose given in animal studies-->same level of daidzein as in men who eat soy daily
--he thinks soy is a novel and previously overlooked risk factor for ED
--"We are now recommending that soy be avoided by patients with erectile dysfunction"
--also that men over 40 reduce soy intake

--new study on soy and dementia risk
--last summer, Eef Hogervorst, Ph.D., of England's Loughborough University
--focused on older Indonesians, tofu is a staple in diet
--both men and women
--team began study confident of finding a benefit, found the opposite
--over 68 eating most tofu has double risk of dementia and memory impairment
--compared with those in study who ate the least
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