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The Guardian: Movie Notes for Homeopathy Assignment

coast guard rescue swimmer
I'll be back for you
punched the guy in the face to save the woman in big seas
lost her
dives for her
finds her
saves her
big seas
helicopter lift
husband may have killed his wife
slow mo cpr
see moment when he gives up but keeps going
she spits up water comes to life
costner "thought she was dead" phew
chewing gum
no emotion

"It's always the big ones that cry"
after landing

home now
far edged hood on coat
wife is moving out
"I didn't think you were serious"
I"m sorry saving lives doesn't jive with our social calendar
that's my chair
I would never take your chair
"Pick it up"
wife "It doesn't have to be messy" "we don't have kids"
"What about friday" we were going to the base to have dinner with friends
it's too late for them to go away together
"Maybe I should be the one to move out"
"I can fix this, right, I can fix this, just tell me what to do 2x"
just let me go
still no emotion from hiim
"I don't want to loose her"
friend "then change" she just wants to lvie
"It'll work out"

on the job
ship going down
"If we go home, they die, Bill"
low on fuel, things look grim
arrive at scene they look dead
they're dead
"We don't know that"
flare shows that they are alive
"Youre ok son I'm going to get you out of here"
helicopeter on death spiral
eye contact with boy he tried to save
boy going down in basket attached to helicopter
"You're OK, hang on"
someone throws a life raft
"feel that" that means you're alive, don't let go
i'm not gonna
hugging on black pilot guy in raft CONNECTION
huddled in life raft

in hospital
wife is there teary eyed

after hospital
looks like black guy died

before boss
listen to me
instructor opening
"no, the answer is no"
it's no longer a request
"you're serious"
you can live as civilian or take the teacher job
resigned to new position

at training camp
15 secs to get off bus
hottie in sunglasses
recruits hustled movei t out
quit wating my time
only 280 coast guard swimmers
attrition rate at school 50%
senior chief randall is one of the most decorated
"I think there's been enough talk for one day"
wife "has family business" PROTECTIVE SHELL, NOT LETTING ANYONE IN

flashes to ships sinking
wakes from dream abruptly
whistle sounds
he's at training camp
hard time getting out of bed
fistfull of meds
chews the pills
sucks water from faucet
pullups from bar in his room

dressed out, arrives in boots
recruits brought back
conversation no words with teacher and our hero
he walks around worlessly and looks
"I don't care who you are....I care about the future vicitims...if I feel that you will fail them, I will fail you."
"Hope don't float hodge, better learn to swim agaisnt the current instead of with it"
mocks hotshot swimmer
"water is where you have been called to serve, water is where you will be tested"
this will serve in place of your ptn test
treat water 1 hour
touch wall fail
touch bottom fail
go home
"there will come a time when you reach the point exhaustion"
DOR, drop on request to save self life
kid starts drowning
brawl in water
he stands cold on side
other instructors dislike this
"you are gone"
"muscle does not float"
"why didn't you save your teammate when he reached for you"

fight starts in locker room
"there's a gap between training and what really happens out there"
"if someone has a problem with that idea, I'd like to hear bout it"
making enemies among the officers

beside pool
3 minutes to get gear on
"are you ready"
hands and knees in locker room
everyone pays for someone's pottymouth (pushups)
hero is cold watching kids
practicing escapes

back in lockerroom
half the class has failed already
kids have sores, are run down
kid going to wedding reception
all went in van

hero drinking wild turkey
calling wife
leave a message
she's using maiden name
"helen if you're there just pick up we need to talk"
she doesn't
ultimately alone

kids at wedding
in uniform, drinking
girl "you, I might actually let drown"

hero out at bar
shaking hands, he is known, pats shoulder of man
woman from stage announces him, hugs him, joins him at table, pours drink
return of prodigal
better half "decided to stay home"
good thing we've got a full bottle

kids at wedding
girl staring
kid wants to jump out of helicopters for a living but can't talk to a girl
bets on getting the girl
she's onto him
offers him walk out and split the cash
bar outside your base she asks to meet him there
"don't forget my money"
she drives off

alarm sounding
men come in nobody there

boys in pool
hero shoveling ice into water
hypothermia lessons
still can think in early hypothermia
"we never stop"
"three letters will get you people a cup of coffee"
"plan on spending roughly 1/3 of your career in a mildly hypothermic state"
caught by bosses
"in about 2 and a half minutes they will understand"
next show hot shower

next exercise pushing brick down pool
brick can only move while both are pushing
only one can surface
one student "cant"
we got a prpoblem, somebody's missing
somebody's sitting on his brick on the bottom of the pool (goldfish)
"you think I'm impressed because you can hold your breath goldfish"
i wouldn't venture to guess what would impress you
hero mutters "records" under his breath

flare can blind you
hero leans on bulding
flashing back to helicopter crash "five minutes" is what he had
"very important that you understand your limitations, limitations without understanding will get you killed"
ice swimming
next scenario
crew looking strong

cut to bar
goldfish and beer
girl from bar shows up
what's your name
where's my money
I killed a couple guys
my bull riding career was going down the drain
she tries to leave
he gets a dance
belly to belly palm to plam

he wakes up on her couch
I'm late

"he never came back?"
four years as lead instructor I never had one not come back
she takes him back
hero is reading his scrapbook
"future looks bright" "guess they didn't know you were going to flunk out"
"get dressed"
"we need another brick, bring it in, goldfish"
goldfish tries to leave
"no no no you're with me"
hero has him tread water under hose
"you will choose yourself over them every time"
"why don't you do us both a big favor and just quit"
gimme something else to do chief

core exercises by pool
how to approach a drowning victim in high seas
" think there are some in this class who are not interested in saving lives"
"they are more interested in setting records"
"today is record day"
"he's fast"
"he's good"
"wow look at him go"

kid and girl
you do not want to hear about my dad
not good enough
randall's unbeatable record
winch jams
last man
"I won't let go"
dislocated shoulder, tore hand, held on 20 mins
my day was all right

hero swimming in pool alone
for time

we should go on a date
sex play

in bar
hero with old friend
if you had a dog it'd be run over by now
did you read the divorce papers?
"there never was anyone else"
bs, you been married to the coast guard
trying to prove that you're still 19
"when did we get old"
i drank and I smoked lived loved good life
getting old not bad, it's earned
flash to dream of black man in life raft
stabbing him with syringe
wakes suddenly
red light

"there may come a time when you have to decide who lives and dies"
"YOURE going to have to say no"
"the most important person to keep alive is yourself"
"they're saying save me, they're looking for a miracle"
"find a way to be that miracle"
jumping into pool
being attacked
teacher trying to drown someone
kid unable to extricate himself from creepy guy's hold
unpleasant scene
"be calm in the face of challenge"

goldfish to kid
"you're tougher than I am"
kid been here 10 weeks this is 3rd time
let's go get a beer
going into navy bar
kid talking smack, foolish
you might wanna recheck your compass, this ain't no puddle pirate bar
guy poors beer on goldfish
brawl starts
barkeep has bat she's awesome

hottie girl is stood up
goldfish got beat up and no showed
boys all beat up
in jail
fish grabs kid won't let go
kid finally breaks hold
just like that in water

"bar fight? all right bring 'em in"
"is that true?"
"you are dismissed"
kick me out for defending the coast guard?
"I've been trying to peel back the layers on you and I give up"
"why" do you want to be here
save lives, chief
"I spoke with your coach"
"It didn't add up until now"
swim team killed in firey crash
when fish was 16
hero trying to connect
kid walks out
"I know what it's like to loose a team"
everyone thinks that you killed their brother
"your blood alc was zip"
flip for designated and you lost
makes it an accident
"you were 16 years old"
"Maybe you deserve a pass"
why are you here?
you don't know about me
kid's cracking
"the only diff btw you and me is I don't wear the ones I lost on my arm"
"I know where you're at I'm there myself"
"I ask myself every day why I was the one that survived"
"if I can't answer that for me I am not going to try and answer it for you"
"I want you to start being a member of this team, the team you have now"
"you have a gift, you are the best swimmer by far"
"fast enough to get there first, strong enough to save a life that maybe no one else could"
"honor your gift"
"save the ones you can, the rest you gotta let go"
you're not going to fail me
"for backing up a buddy in a bar?"
no, won't fail him
"I could use a fucking drink"
"consider everything tonight off record and off duty"
"that was an invite"

hero and fish
"what did they call you"?
puddle pirates
"well we'll just have one beer"
barkeep gtes her bat
"they're combat oriented"
"coast guard, nobody appreciates us until they need us"
let me ask you a question before we start bleeding, what's your real number
no answer from hero because navy thugs are threatening
death wish or stupid?
"I'm really glad you're still here" hero bashes his face
murderous mob stops (because they know hero??)
i think you better leave
fish apologizes about calling him old and washed up
fish asks if hero wants to apologize
hero doesn't get it, doesn't recognize when to apologize

goldfish calls girl
best worst night of my life
he wants to see her tomorrow
she has parent teacher conferences all week
she "wouldn't blow someone off" but that's exactly what she's doing
good bye
seems like the end

kids dropping from helicopter at 15 feet
"fall 80-100 feet you die"
left behind in ocean
swimming for shore

back in pool
kid breaks hold
bloodies creepy teacher guys lip
takes charge
well done
"good for you"
gear off toss in pool
"class 5506 will you come find me if I am lost save me if I'm drowning"
"I believe you would, I have high hopes for this class"
"I have high hopes for you" goldfish

blue suits
girl is there
goldfish sees her
just casual
they look in love
sad hug
she has to go to work

cut to coast guard ship in the snow
northern city
lonely standing in window
plane over snowy mts
plane landing
goldfish hunky in sunglasses in alaska
goldfish pulled aside
hero has grill outside going in snow
guys with cg hats show up
hero drinking beer inside with cg guys
"fix things up with that young lady"
"you still havea chance you know"
goldfish has question didn't ask in school
when you can't save em all how do you choose who lives
"different for everybody jake but simple for me, I take the first one I come to or the weakest than I swim as fast and hard as I can for as long as I can and the sea takes the rest"
"I'm not your teacher anymore"
"If I did not think you were ready I would not put you int he bering sea"

chewing gum in helicopter
first back on job
flying along coast
"got my human speedboat" goldfish
no sign of kayakers along rocky coast
goldfish jumps, hero next gts slammed by wave
headed for cave along rocky shore in heavy tide
in cave
light flare
kayakers in cave
flare triggers hero
hero looks around seems disoriented
two kayayers, goldfish takes one out to basket
hero taking second kayaker, log falls on his head, black man
goldfish swimming back in
hero flashing back to death of black man and helicopter crash
red light
hero spacing out
goldfish "what happened" " he hit a log"
"you call it swimmer" VULNERABLE
they swim together pulling body

on helicopter
head hit guy monitor for concussion
goldfish telling hero what to do
tells crew "he's fine" re hero covering for him
goldfish gets to be hero

it happens ben (boss)
"not to me, not like this"
"it's over, just sign it"

goldfish runnign on flat top
hero resigning
packing his stuff
"what if it happens again, what then"
"you were strong out there today, I was proud of you"
"friend of mine suggested fishing, I might take his advice"
"where have I heard that before"
gotta know one thing, what's your real number
"22" how many he lost "the only number I kept track of"
tosses gum to kid--"keep the sea out of your mouth"

wife is back
"started painting again"
he's awkward
"you know um i want to apologize for the phone calls I should have given you your space"
showing up her unannounced was the best way to show that?
she stretches out hand
he takes it
they sit with coffee cups
he gives her the wedding band
and the divorce papers
"I signed them"
what now? she asks
he tells story about the couple with the husband drowning the wife
"it took me a long time to understand that man was me"
(he doesnt' see that the door is open)
beeper goes off
aren't you going to anser that?
"I'm not a rescue swimmer anymore helen"
kisses top of her head, side of fce, neck
"bye baby"
then leaves
she comes out to watch him leaves
he leaves anyway

rescue scene
dead in the water with four souls on board
goldfish performs
ship will go down, not if by when
four souls on board
heros words in head "be that miracle"
goldfish jumps ship totters

hero packing
getting in truck
listening to radio
rescue in progress
helicopter dropping basket to ship
they should swim away from ship but are not
chaos of rescue
swimmer 1 goldfish goes into ship to save last person
captain is smashed and trapped
goldfish says he's staying
cuts radio conxn
leaving rescue swimmer on scene

hero ordered to suit up
I need a swimmer
goldfish gets captains leg loose
boat starts to go down
door slams shut
kid starts doing cpr on captain
helicopter goign back out hero on board
kid and captain trapped on board

hero getting ready to lower
stuck gum on helicopter
winked at captain
"just keep me out of the rigging"
hero is focussed, lowering
swimmer 1 radioing from inside boat
hero caught in rigging of sinking ship, way off deck
swimmer (goldfish) under grate running out of air
hero hand over hand on rope
hero enters boat yells for goldfish has flare in hand
lights flare
yells for fish
hero rolls obstacle aside
goldfish panicky yelling
hero working to open door, gets it
letting captain go
fish looses his first man
bothswimmers on deck
big surf
helicopter lifting two
ship sinks immediately
i thought you were going fishin'
"whaddaya call this"
wire is unravelling
cable failing
hero lifts self one armed
goldfish grabs him one armed
hauls him
i won't let go
"i know"
hero undoes the glove and falls to his death
big wave crashes on him
fish's arm flopping
fish lost his second man
captain looks grim
lost swimmer
he didn't come up
kid wants to go for him but cable is broken

body never found
wife told

what makes a legend
what someone did while alive or how remembered after gone
some believe he swam to Aleutian islands and is fishing

fish rescues old guy
rescuee said someone was there holding onto him
said he would never let go
fish thinks hero was holding him
fisher of men
last hope for all those who have been left behind
life is about making choices

fish goes back back for girl
i lied to you I can't do casual
kids in classroom see them kiss

dedicated to coast guard
"so others may live"
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