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Bot Med II Class Notes: Frances on Women's Herbs

chatting about weather
storm yesterday
weather predictions inaccurate
drought in S Oregon
weatherpeople consistently wrong
doc friend is envious that people pay them to be wrong
instead of assuming them to be wrong

introduction to class singing a traditional women's song from tribe
not sure which tribe
hey ya ya weo ya hey ya ya weo

opening to cave as opening to womb
new life and hope where man and woman come together
Navajo: women carry hope
father sky and mother earth
she wants us to get back to earth and body as sacred
honor cycles
moontime a time of
cc: pms

breast tenderness, engorged lymphatics, tx liver: CEANOTHUS spp.
Ceanothus americanus most common, other sp fine, Michael Moore writeup is good
strong lymphatic, pelic decongestant, helps with capillary fragility
pelvis and breasts
15 drops 3x daily--15qHsTID--not long term, supports liver and spleen
breasts are women give & receive, heart chakra

just want to be alone
depressed, moody
hate my family
is usual PMS sx
cultures in touch with earth cycles also in touch with body cycles
ancestors knew this

more sensitive during moontime
spiritual opening
recognized in traditional cultures
moonlodge is transcultural
ceremonial space to pray while sensitive
women receive while giving blood back to earth
others provide food for them
not allowed to cook
should be receiving because they are giving enough

Frances says pts know her ancestry from looking at her
speaks of one pt who knew one way
but found much in common
early on she had worst PMS
turned out to be PCOS
Frances said "women can hear god more easily when on moontime"
woman agreed strongly

best cure for dysmenorrhea is honoring that time as sacred
take extra space
"I'm on my moon I'm going to take some space"
hands on pelvis
nevermind third eye, focus on root chakra

ok herbs now
throwing them out
her notes are strewn on several tables
she can't find the page she wants
maybe jump ahead to menopause

fibroids, ov cyst, uTi's, IC, endometriosis: all have stagnation in common
toxin overload
heal by bring nourishment and take away toxins
goal: get lymph and circ moving in pelvis
hormonal regulators are often also pelvic decongestants
cohosh black and blue
actea = cimicifuga
others I missed

again she is looking for the missing notes page
class is involved
can't find the page she copied this am

shown to prevent osteoporosis
native to N Am woodlands in east, ontario to GA
beautiful plant
shade plant
nice raceme, tall
deep dark tortuous root is part used
female hormonal regulator
effective pelvic decongest
**indic for low back pain
**very good for deep dark/psychotic depression but can give without
a wild feeling in the brain
st jw for mild to moderate
she gives as a simple
**also for hot flashes, menopause
15 drops 3x/day repeat as needed when black cloud
potentially toxic, first sx is dull frontal headache
back off on dose if headache appears
some people can take enormous doses, others are more sensitive to it
phytoestrogens: she ignored the science lit early, it's getting more coherent now
tie up estrogen receptors, protect the cells vs xenoestrogens (plastic)
she doesn't worry about giving it with breast cancer
she asked Yantz what he does, he puts it in the mix w/ trifolium and others
trifolium has flavonoids and cumarins: careful with bleeders
she puts black cohosh in antispasmodic formulas
uses for men too
this is a favorite herb of hers
be discriminating: don't use if not needed

BLUE COHOSH = caulophyllum
not much in common with black
specific for ovarian probs, achy, mittlesmerz
specific for inflam, post PID, salpingitis, metritis, infx
pelvic decongestant
obstetrical use: prevent miscarriage with diascorrhea
for childbirth aid
very high doses: emmenogogue, abortifacient
it's a tonic
incr muscle tone of uterus, pelvic tone
antispasmodic in musculoskel system too
**post infx is her fave use, esp ovarian

SERENOA REPENS = saw palmetto?
state tree of SC
modulate testosterone: stops formation of dihydrotest which is most active form
tissue specific: likes prostate, used radioactive labelling
also for PCOS to lower test
pelvic decongestant
"plant catheter"

DIASCORRHEA = wild yam
diasgenin used to make birth control pills, synthesize progesterone
diascorrhea does not contain progesterone or generate it or increase it as far as is known
does help hot flashes
she uses it for old indications: smooth muscle pain, gallbladder colic
cramps in stomach, instestines, bile ducts, dysenterry, colic in infants
spastic uterine contractions

OCOTILLO = Foqueria splendens
desert SW
zooming energy, branches from base at ground
looks dead in winter
very small leaves direct from branch (no stems)
specific for: scattered
good lymphatic, powerful mover
stand in your power
she couldn't tell me for sure what part of the plant is used, suggested bark
she recommends Michael Moore again, as master herbalist
"Edward Abbey of herbs" per Craig
Herbs of PNW she recommends the book, or any of them

ACHILLEA = yarrow
pelvic decongest
for DUB
tonic to pelvis
emmenogogue and hemostatic
bitter, good for GI
anti-inflam "unfortunate" word
good hot tea with elder flowers for fever of flu
increases heat, then disperses
creates discharge: sweat
urinary tonic, disinfectant
she puts in formulas for women with UTI tendencies
**spiritually for the wounded healer, protects
"no healing happens if the therapist is not touched" (Jung)
risk of being touched is walk away carrying something that isn't yours
flower essence for those who are too open
Navajo use herbs to protect women if can't go to moon lodge: st jw, paint on labia
protection, wash me clean
**first aid usage: dry flowers and grind to powder, anti-inflam, (like arnica for swelling)
topical yarrow stops bleeding on surface and underneath, no swelling
her experience: fence altercation, 3 jabs in hand, stitches, excruciating pain, she kept thinking yarrow, insane for the plant, she took arnica and hypericum first because they were on the way, threw yarrow in wound and the pain left, amazing
another story
young horse putting in stall, impatient to get back to reading, walked across yard wtih hay and horse bit her hand, started bleeding, gave him hay, tx with yarrow swelling went down, bleeding stopped

for mononucleosis, Epstein Barr Virus, EBV
it's all about spleen and liver
chief herb for Chronic fatigue syndrome esp if EBV pos
spleen tonic
hemolytic anemia-->splenectomy in allo tx, she gave him ceanothus potentized 6x in tincture
big results for anemia "that's one of those magic things" 12x good too
flavonoids and tannins, good for capillary fragility (flavonoids)
for DUB dysfunctional uterine problem, give all month long to tone liver
skin sensitivity blood vessels too weak: ceanothus fixed
indic for easy bruising
premenstrual breast tenderness

her formula for cramps 30-60 drops every 2 hours
doesn't always work, if not, add MagPhos 200c
if that doesn't work add Belladonna tincture
25 drops belladonna in 4 oz bottle plus tsp viburnum top with water
tsp every 2 hours plus honoring moontime-->cure

rose family
pelvic decongest
tonic to muscles incl heart
best in 2nd half of cycle, feeds prog

low dose botanical
really nice pelvic decongestant
tougher the guy, the more likely a little puls will help
lyc is complement
for epididymitis, prostate stuff
specific for same mental emot as homeopathic: weepy, clingy, sad, little kid thing
for pelvic pain, uterine ppain at menopause
put a little in formula as synergist "adds extra punch"

nourishing esp during
move energy through pelvis, blood & lymph
in China women put it in soups to nourish
menopause: need nourishment
female reproductivity
indic: faint at moontime
CI: heavy bleeding, some say don't give during menses but OK if bleed is light
also use shatavari = asparagus racemosa also good for this

pelvic decongestant
specific for dragging sensation, depressed and irritable, profuse menses
on united plant savers endangered list
she only uses 1 dram, but uses it based on specific indications

toxic botanical
specific for sharp stabbing pain, pain with intercourse
she uses it to keep interstitial cystitis at bay
synergist in IC formulas
woman dealing with dominating, abusive energy

***cramp apple flower essence really good for feeling dirty
or after sexual abuse

adrenal adaptogens very helpful
macca, cat's claw, imp for reprod health in both genders
modulate hormonal fx
3-4 adrenal herbs, dose 60 drops 3x daily as separate formula
whether they feel stressed or not
licorice moistening herb, causes fluid retention

tx it too
milk thistle
beets in diet is her fave

DDX is big
many dysfxs
mostly means too much blood
why is body discharging this way?
think liver, adrenals
her TX: pelvic decongest formula, constitutional homeopathic, diet, liver, castor oil pack

capsella bursapastorius = shepherd's purse
SE: never eat cinnamon again
60 drops every 2 hrs as needed
another tip: don't give too much progesterone
this formula not suppressive
dry skin brushing, sweats
also try: sabina 200c homeopathic every 4-8 hours as needed for severe bleeding
she says it "tonifies the bleeding"
another pt got better with cimicifuga

acts on pituitary, regulates hormones
progestrogenic, incr LH
may inhibit FSH
regulate cycles when irreg

in earth ctred culture not swimming in toxins
only one sx with menopause: cessation of menses
some inward pull: introspection
hot flashes are not normal
our livers are overloaded
adrenals more exhausted, use licorice
support adrenals, thyroid, liver
she never used to worry about thyroid but it seems to be exacerbated during menopause
she says eat seaweed in diet
take adrenal herbs before menopause, cleanse liver too
she has never prescribed bioidentical hormones
soy nuts for hot flashes? she says eat lots of beans and nuts, wide variety

for hot flashes
drying, use when nothing else works
when hot flashes/sweating are depleting
rich in saponins, regulate hormonal fx
night sweats? look at liver, she hasn't used it for that purpose, suggests:
get them hot and do a cold wet sheet pack

avena sativa = oat seed 15 drops 3x /day took care of all her vaginal dryness cases
eclectic institute has subco earth's botanical harvest from ND midwife, product:
vaginal suppository with vit e, cimicifuga, dioscorrea, every night 7-10 nights, then taper
costs $3 each, less down to 1x/month, seems to work very well
salves of licorice and vitex used internally also works
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